Madonna’s Secret to Staying Up Until 4 A.M. Every Night

Madonna has been a pop culture icon for decades. The Grammy-winning singer burst onto the scene in the 1980s and showed in the following years that she wouldn’t have a squeaky-clean image like women in music were expected to have. Her famous “give-no-f—s” attitude lives on to this day.

Singer Madonna during an interview
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Madonna goes to bed at 4 A.M. every night

Madonna has been a lover of nightlife since the early days of her career. She was a fixture in the New York City club scene and a frequent face at some of the city’s hottest spots. She even met the dancers and choreographers for her “Vogue” video, José and Luis Xtravaganza, while on a dance floor in a nightclub.

Madonna is well into her 60s now, but her love of staying up late and having fun remains the same. She spoke with Colombian pop star Maluma in a 2021 interview for Rolling Stone and revealed what her sleep schedule looks like these days.

“How does it feel doing an interview at 1 A.M.? Be honest, please,” he asked her.

“I’m good with it. I’m used to staying up late. I’m a night owl,” she said. When asked what time she goes to bed every night, she simply said, “4 A.M.” She said it’s been that way for “a couple of years” and added that her bedtime is “getting later and later.”

Madonna in a black outfit
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Madonna drinks tequila and espresso to stay awake

Maluma then reminisced when they were in a studio together in London, likely recording their collaboration “Medellín.” They got to the studio at 8 P.M., which Madonna said is “when the juices start flowing.”

“I was like, we’re going to stay here until, I don’t know, 12. And then it was 12:30, it was 1, it was 1:30, 2, 3, 4!” Maluma laughed.

“That’s when you start drinking tequila and espresso,” she said in response. Maluma, for his part, was grateful that he learned Madge’s secret weapon for staying up late.

“You gave me the solution! Tequila and espresso. Thank you very much,” he smiled. “That was a very important thing in my life. After that, my life changed.”

Madonna in sunglasses
Madonna | Giuseppe Cacace/AFP/GettyImages

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Madonna thinks Maluma goes to bed at ‘old-man hours’

Madonna went on to explain what she thinks about people’s natural bedtimes — and how they related to their births. “I have a theory that people who were born in the daytime are most alive in the day and people who were born at night feel most creative and alive at night,” she said.

Maluma then explained that he wakes up at 6 P.M. every day to go to the gym and to get into the studio early. After playing with his dogs, he goes to bed around 8 or 9 P.M.

“You’re an old man,” Madonna told him plainly. “Those are old-man hours. You go to bed at 8? That’s crazy.”