‘MAFS:’ Fans Predict One Couple From Season 11 Will Stay Married After Decision Day

Married at First Sight is back for season 11 in New Orleans! Fans of Lifetime’s infamous reality series are rooting for Woody and Amani as the only pair that seems to be the perfect fit. There are also reports that Woody and Amani are currently married since decision day.

'Married at First Sight' Season 11 cast
‘Married at First Sight’ Season 11 cast via Twitter

Woody and Amani on ‘MAFS’

Woody and Amani appear to be complete opposites as far as their dating history. Woody is a known “wild boy” with a penchant for going out and having a good time. He admits in the first episode that his 20’s were “f**k boy years” but at 30, he’s ready to hang his bachelor hat up.

Woody’s revelation came after receiving a major promotion at work and realizing he didn’t have a partner to grow with. Still, his friends were stunned that he opted to jump from single life to being married at first sight and were not convinced that Woody was ready.

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While Woody hasn’t had any real relationships, Amani’s love life has been disastrous. Amani’s last relationship ended after discovering her partner was married. She decided to give the show a chance because she’s ready to settle down and find true love.

Woody and Amani’s dating history doesn’t align but their core values and practices do. Both are extremely close to their family and friends. They also both work with children and want families of their own. 

The two are also both frequent patrons in the club who love to dance. One of their biggest mutual loves is their external appearance. Both made it a point to present the best versions of themselves for their wedding day with their fashion choices.

Interestingly, they both are looking for the same traits in a partner: someone to grow and have adventures with.

Fans believe Woody and Amani are still together

Woody and Amani share almost an equal amount of similarities as they do differences. But, it became clear when they met at first sight that their chemistry is undeniable. The two traded jokes at the altar and instantly shred an attraction to one another.

Woody couldn’t resist flirting with his new bride, something Amani was flattered by. Amani admitted that she was immediately comfortable with Woody and taken by his level of care to her.

Viewers agree that Woody and Amani are the perfect match and are eager to see how their love blossoms throughout the season. 

“OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely LOVE Amani and Woody!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!! They’ve GOT to make it!!! I’m in love with this match, their style, their chemistry just everything

rooting for them,” one wrote on Twitter.

“I love the chemistry between Woody and Amani,” wrote another.

“@MAFSLifetime Woody and Amani have a great vibe with each other; another couple for me to cheer for each week!! Amani is beautiful chocolate as Woody said,” another observed.

“Woody & Amani are going to be the highlight of the season they have fun personalities,” another chimed in.

Another reason fans are hopeful Woody and Amani will make it to the end is because of recent reports that the couple are still married. According to Distractify, a MAFS Instagram account features spoilers and notes that Woody and Amani are still married.

The account includes a blurry screenshot of a photo of Woody and Amani from July 9 in the account’s Instagram story labeled “Season 11 Spoilers.” A photo of Woody wearing a t-shirt that reads “Black, Happy & Married” is also featured and he’s wearing a wedding band.

 MAFS airs every Wednesday at 8 PM EST on Lifetime.