‘MAFS:’ The One Couple From Season 11 Fans Find the Most Awkward May Surprise You

Fans are loving the new season of Married at First Sight. Season 11 chronicles five couples who tie the knot in New Orleans and already, fans predict Woody and Amani are a match made in heaven. But, viewers aren’t sure if the same applies to Christina and Henry. On paper, Christina and Henry appear to be compatible but when they meet on their wedding day, sparks don’t exactly fly.

Christina and Henry on 'Married at First Sight'
Christina and Henry on ‘Married at First Sight’ | Lady Portrait & Wedding Photography

Christina and Henry on ‘MAFS’

Christina and Henry are both ready for real love. Christina is looking for a mate who is kind and thoughtful, the complete opposite of the guys she says she typically attracts. She grew up the only child and raised by a single mother, which she says jades her view of men. Christina hopes her new husband will shower her with love and exotic flowers.

Henry’s relationship history isn’t too colorful. He’s admittedly shy and insecure. After losing weight and having major surgery, Henry says he knew marriage was the next step. Married at First Sight is out of his comfort zone, but something he says he knows is necessary as he has trouble meeting women on his own.

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The experts predict Henry and Christina will bring out the best in one another, as both have similar strengths and weaknesses. They also share differences, with Christina being more adventurous than her new husband.

But the chemistry wasn’t on a high during the couple’s wedding ceremony. The two didn’t say much when they met at the altar. After the ceremony, Christina couldn’t remember Henry’s name. She mistakingly called him “Luke” when speaking to producers.

Despite both admitting there’s an attraction, Christina appeared disinterested in Henry as he spoke. Henry often was at a loss for words and struggled when trying to communicate his feelings. 

Fans explain why they believe Christina and Henry are the most awkward couple on ‘MAFS’

Viewers took to social media to discuss Henry and Christina’s wedding. The common theme among the discussion centers around the lack of chemistry viewers see. Many assumed that Amelia and Bennett would be awkward together because of their unconventional personalities and were surprised by Christina and Henry.

“And I thought Bennett and Amelia would be awkward and painful, but Henry and Christina are SOOO UNCOMFORTABLE to watch,” one writes.

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One Twitter user notes that Christina appears more interested in being able to say she’s married than getting to know Henry.

“Christina seems conceited. She kept playing w her veil, & looking around the room instead of Henry during their 1on1 dance. She is all about appearances. She doesn’t care who she is with, as long as she can now say that’s she’s married,” she writes.

“I think the matchmakers made a mistake.  They should have put Olivia with Henry. Christina and Brett are really into themselves so they wouldn’t even noticed [sic] the other,” another agreed.

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