Magnolia Network Casting Call Proves 1 Fake Thing About ‘Fixer Upper’ Will Continue During Season 6

Chip and Joanna Gaines basically broke the internet when they announced they were bringing back their beloved series, Fixer Upper. Fans were overjoyed to learn that the renovation show, which ended in 2018, was being revamped for their new Magnolia Network.

So far, we know that Fixer Upper will continue the mission of taking “the worst house in the best neighborhood” and transforming it into a beautiful retreat for the Gaines’ clients. Any changes to the format or focus remain a mystery — except for one thing.

Based on the casting call application, the fakest thing about Fixer Upper will continue during season 6.

There are many fake elements to ‘Fixer Upper’

Anyone who’s been watching reality television for any length of time knows that producers take some creative liberties during filming and editing. Even the fan favorite series Fixer Upper has plenty of deception built in.

For example, spontaneous conversations are often more scripted than they appear. This happens when important phone calls or updates aren’t caught on camera and producers need them to enhance the narrative.

And like most other reality shows, the drama is often hyped up beyond what it should be — like when Chip has to deliver bad news about something uncovered during the renovation that turns out to not be such a big deal after all.

‘Fixer Upper’ homeowners aren’t really house hunting

The biggest bit of fakery on Fixer Upper happens at the beginning of each episode. That’s when Chip and Joanna take home seekers on tours of different properties, helping them envision what the run-down options could look like after going through the renovation process. Then, the prospective buyers “choose” the house they love best and the reno begins.

Only it’s all a total ruse. As the application for season 6 of Fixer Upper confirms, applicants must “be a current homeowner in Waco, Texas or in the final stages of closing on a home.”

Those scenes of Chip and Joanna helping home seekers pick a house are all totally faked. In many cases, the homes aren’t really for sale at all. And the Gaineses plus their clients always know which one the buyers will pick in the end — it’s the one they already own.

‘Fixer Upper’ will still feature Waco, Texas


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Chip and Joanna are raising their five kids at a sprawling farmhouse on the outskirts of Waco, Texas. The previous version of Fixer Upper limited show participants to a 30-mile radius of the city so the Gaineses would never be far from their family. The new casting call proves this will still be the rule during season 6.

Besides just owning a home in Waco, Fixer Upper hopefuls must have a budget of at least $50,000 and be willing to give total control of the design to the Gaineses. They must also find alternate housing for the duration of the show.

Even with all the fakery, it would still be a total dream come true to experience a renovation courtesy of Chip and Joanna Gaines. All you need to apply is a flexible schedule, a $50,000 budget, a house in Waco, and the ability to deceive an audience.

Magnolia Network is scheduled to launch sometime in 2021.