Maisie Williams Explains Why ‘New Mutants’ Female Love Story Is So Important To the Film

As the saga of The New Mutants’ release date extended over two years, Marvel fans became aware that the film will feature a same-sex love story. Maisie Williams plays Rahne Sinclair, aka Wolfsbane. She has a relationship with Dani Moonstar, aka Mirage, played by Blu Hunt. 

New Mutants
L-R: Charlie Heaton, Anya Taylor-Joy, Blu Hunt, Henry Zaga, Maisie Williams | 20th Century Fox Film Corporation

Williams and Hunt were on the San Diego Comic-Con@Home panel for New Mutants along with writer/director Josh Boone. They discussed their characters’ relationship in the movie. New Mutants is scheduled for release Aug. 28.

First, ‘New Mutants’ had to find the right Dani for Maisie Williams

The New Mutants cast Williams first. So, whoever played Dani had to do well with her. Hunt was the the clear winner on the audition circuit.

“I met with Josh a while ago and then ended up getting the part for Rahne,” Williams said. “Then we did a bunch of chemistry reads to find Dani. Just from the first audition that we did together, we got on so well.”

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The audition included a screen kiss. That was daunting for Hunt, but clearly she sold it. 

“You can’t imagine how nervous I am, like oh, I have to go kiss Maisie Williams,” Hunt said. “I’m showing up to the studio lot or whatever, sweating. It was very nerve wracking.”

Maisie Williams and Blu Hunt bring female energy to ‘New Mutants’

Boone and Williams agreed the relationship between Dani and Rahne is “the spine” of New Mutants. It is an X-Men spinoff, but the romance offers a new perspective on Marvel superheroes.

At the heart of it is this lovely love story. It just brings it back to reality. I think it’s really important to see relationships like this. It was really wonderful to be able to see a relationship like this in the typically quite masculine and just world of superheroes. It was just lovely to see these two fragile women who just protect one another and bring light out in each other. She comes to life when she is with Dani but in the group she’s somewhat quiet and to herself.

Maisie Williams, New Mutants San Diego Comic-Con@Home panel, 7/23/2020

‘New Mutants’ is also a change of pace from ‘Game of Thrones’

The New Mutants will be the first movie fans see Williams in after Game of Thrones ended. It was originally scheduled to come out before the series finale, but now it works out that fans will see Williams do a 180 from Arya Stark.

Maisie Williams in New Mutants
L-R: Maisie Williams, Henry Zaga, Blu Hunt, Charlie Heaton and Anya Taylor-Joy | 20th Century Fox Film Corporation

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“When I play Arya, I always have to command the room and be really brave and strong,” Williams said. “That’s kind of exhausting and I don’t really feel like that. It was relaly lovely to play someone like Rahne who really is just sitting and watching and listening. I was really thrilled to play someone like Rahne because I’ve always kind of seen myself as more that character. I think she’s very uncomfortable in her own skin. She wants to speak up and wants to say what she feels but she’s constantly treading lightly.”