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With the summer winding down, the excitement of fall and new movies is fast approaching. Fall is the season of pumpkin spice, apple cider, and cozy fires. It’s no surprise it is also a time when many of the best movies come to theaters. October is bringing an excellent and diverse lineup to watch as the weather cools down, and we will guide you into which are best for you. 

Photo of a drive-in movie theater surrounded by trees
Drive-in movie theater | Kelly Lee Barrett/Getty Images

October 1st

Hotel Transylvania:Transformania: The Hotel Transylvania franchise brought audiences a beloved group of friendly monsters. The stories are heartfelt and appeal to all ages. The newest addition, Transformania, is sure only to add another tale to laugh along with.

In the fourth installment of the franchise, the family of monsters is transformed into humans, while their human family member becomes a monster. Together, the family must revert themselves back before the change is permanent. 

The Many Saints of Newark, No Time to Die: After several delaysSoprano fans are finally going to get to see the long-awaited prequel to their favorite series. The prequel will take fans to the 1960s during the Newark riots and show how Tony Soprano became the man he was in the original series. 

October 15th

Halloween Kills: One of the most beloved horror franchises is Halloween. In 2018, Halloween ended with the villain, Michael Myers, seemingly caught. Luckily for fans, that was not the end. The franchise has at least two more movies to add to its lineup, and Halloween Kills is coming to theaters just in time for Halloween. 

The Last Duel: Best friends Ben Affleck and Matt Damon achieved tremendous success when they co-wrote Good Will Hunting, and after more than a decade, the duo is back at it again. Although their newest movie is nothing like Good Will Hunting, it has enormous promise.

The movie is adapted from the book, The Last Duel written by Eric Jager, and it tells the story of the last sanctioned duel in medieval France. Affleck and Damon tell the stories from both knight’s perspectives giving the film duplicity sure to bring depth. 

October 22nd

Dune: Science fiction fans are sure to anticipate the release of Dune, which is based on the novel written by Frank Herbert. A member of the royal family, Paul Atreides, must go to a desert planet to retrieve a unique substance to save his people. The movie is a remake of a 1984 adaption but will bring a whole new dynamic with modern cinematography. 

The French Dispatch:  Fans of director Wes Anderson have a new movie to look forward to this fall. The French Dispatch is a movie that interweaves three storylines as a Kansas City newspaper approaches its last issue. 

Ron’s Gone Wrong: This animated film takes place in the future, where children have robotic friends. The main character, Barney, is an awkward middle-schooler. Barney is not only the last kid in the neighborhood to get his robot friend, Ron, but also discovers it malfunction. Barney decides to teach Ron to be human in this heartwarming film.

October 29th


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Last Night in Soho: The thriller, Last Night in Soho, tells the story of an aspiring fashion designer, Sandy, who develops the ability to enter the 1960s. In the ’60s, Eloise meets an idol musician, and fun ensues. Unfortunately, the fun gives way as cracks in the veneer appear. 

Antlers: Another highly anticipated horror movie coming out in October is Antlers. The supernatural horror movie is based on Native American mythology. It tells the story of a spirit, Wendigo, that hunts those who abuse the Earth. In particular, the movie focuses on a teacher and sheriff that believe a student is harboring the spirit.