‘Man of Steel’: Why Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill Should Reunite for the Long-awaited Sequel

Seven long years have passed since Man of Steel soared into theaters. And while the movie’s uncharacteristically grim take on the Superman mythos didn’t please every fan, it still did solid business. Moreover, the movie established Henry Cavill and Amy Adams as the modern Superman and Lois Lane.

Both stars returned for 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and 2017’s Justice League. But despite fans’ pleas for a proper Man of Steel sequel, no such project has since moved forward. With rumors swirling that director Zack Snyder might be coming back to DC Films, here’s why he should make the Man of Steel sequel with Cavill.

Zack Snyder at a 'Man of Steel' press conference
Zack Snyder at a ‘Man of Steel’ press conference | Keith Tsuji/Getty Images

Zack Snyder started the DC Extended Universe in the first place

Without Man of Steel, the DC Extended Universe wouldn’t exist at all. Just two years prior, Warner Bros. tried to prepare for a world of DC superheroes beyond Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy. But 2011’s Green Lantern wasn’t exactly the project anyone wanted to serve as the franchise’s foundation.

So the studio turned to Snyder — with whom it had made 300 and Watchmen — to reinvent Superman. Warner Bros. had already tried and failed to tap into the nostalgia for the earlier movies with 2006’s Superman Returns. The last son of Krypton required a fresh start, and Snyder stepped up. It wasn’t what every fan wanted but exactly what the character needed right then.

Neither Man of Steel nor Batman v Superman were across-the-board hits. Snyder’s DC Comics vision certainly proved to be divisive, but the DCEU has come a long way in understanding what it is best at. And the director has an undeniable visual flair. As long as Man of Steel 2 has a more balanced script, Snyder can absolutely execute it to perfection. And he deserves the chance.

A ‘Man of Steel’ sequel ensures Henry Cavill continues as Superman

Just as Snyder faces a murky future with the DCEU, so does Cavill. Man of Steel made the actor a household name. And yet, it remains to be seen whether Cavill will stick around in the role. Since debuting as Superman, the actor has become known for projects like The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Mission: Impossible — Fallout, and Netflix’s The Witcher.

Given how his star has risen in the past few years, Cavill likely wants the opportunity to headline his own movie within the DCEU again. Once upon a time, this was the plan until Man of Steel 2 morphed into Batman v Superman. Likely, Warner Bros. has a clause in Cavill’s contract tying him to another Superman appearance. So what is the studio waiting for?

Perhaps the studio is worried about undoing all the goodwill the DCEU has earned back in the past few years. Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam! all overcame the divisive response to earlier films. And in the process, they rehabilitated the DCEU. All three of those movies have sequels on the way. And luckily, the stage is perfectly set for Man of Steel 2 to join their ranks.


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Cavill’s return gives Snyder the chance to see his Superman through

Bringing Snyder back for Man of Steel 2 wouldn’t just ensure Cavill re-ups his commitment to the franchise. It offers the director the redemption he deserves. After all, the powers that be persisted with Justice League without Snyder, resulting in the DCEU’s biggest failure to date. Fans are still waiting for Snyder’s cut of that film, but Man of Steel 2 would be even better.

Cavill’s Superman has been through a lot since his first appearance. But the arc Snyder began for the character in Man of Steel is essentially completed by the end of Justice League. Although the final product doesn’t reflect Snyder’s vision, the Superman who is resurrected in Justice League is much closer to the hopeful hero fans probably wanted in the first place.

It might not have happened as he intended. But this was reportedly always Snyder’s endgame. So if Warner Bros. is worried bringing the director back into the fold would disrupt the DCEU’s momentum, they’re mistaken. Man of Steel 2 could easily move past the dour, muddled storytelling with a tone more in line with the current DCEU. Here’s hoping Snyder’s sequel happens.