‘Manifest’ Season 4: All the Questions Netflix Needs to Answer About Flight 828 and the Stone Family

The season 3 finale left Manifest fans with plenty of questions regarding characters including Ben Stone, Cal Stone, and Captain Daly. Finally, after months of waiting, fans will have some answers. 

Here are some questions fans have for Manifest Season 4, which will stream on Netflix

'Manifest' episode titled 'MAYDAY PART: 2' featuring Josh Dallas as Ben Stone and Jack Messina as Cal Stone
‘Manifest’ episode titled ‘MAYDAY PART: 2’ featuring Josh Dallas as Ben Stone and Jack Messina as Cal Stone | Peter Kramer/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

How did Cal grow up so quickly on ‘Manifest’?

Some called it a miracle. Others called it a mystery. The Flight 828 passengers were missing for over five years. When they returned the same age, there were plenty of questions. 

In season 3, when Cal disappeared and returned to his house five years older, fans had even more questions. What happened to Cal Stone at that time? Will other passengers age in a similar way? 

Did the Flight 828 characters survive their death date?

Ben Stone and Dr. Saanvi Bahl risked a lot to return the tailfin to its proper coordinates. Was that enough to save the passengers, though? 

More importantly, how will Ben Stone deal with the loss of his wife, Grace? This character died during the season 3 finale, and Eden, the youngest of the family, was kidnapped in the process. Ben and his daughter, Olive, will have to deal with this loss together. 

What happened to Captain Daly?

Captain Daly felt responsible for Flight 828’s problems. After some research, though, he was pretty sure of the cause of his plane’s surprising disappearance. He even bet his own life on it by flying a plane through a storm without permission. 

During the season 3 finale of Manifest, fans learned he might’ve been correct. After going missing a second time, Captain Daly returned alive. How was this possible, and what does this mean for the cause of the Flight 828 anomaly?

Will Saanvi find true love again?

Saanvi didn’t turn herself in for killing the Major, but she did help the passengers of Flight 828. She tested on herself to find a “cure” for the death date, even if that meant putting her own health at risk. And she rekindled her friendship with another doctor with whom she had a relationship. 

Are her actions enough to redeem her for killing someone? If not, will Saanvi find true love before her death date? Of course, there are other questions surrounding Michaela and her ongoing love triangle with Zeke and Jared.  

More information regarding Manifest Season 4 on Netflix will presumably be announced in the coming months. Until then, Manifest Seasons 1-3 are available for binge-watching on Netflix and Hulu. 

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