‘Mare of Easttown’ Episode 6 Just Confirmed This 1 Fan Theory, But Is He the Murderer?

The latest installment of the new HBO miniseries Mare of Easttown, episode 6, confirmed one massive fan theory. However, viewers aren’t sure who to believe. Is Mare Sheehan (Kate Winslet) on her way to find Erin McMenamin’s (Cailee Spaeny) murderer? Or is there a vital clue she’s missing?

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Mare of Easttown Episode 6, “Sore Must Be the Storm”]

Mare of Easttown fan theory points to John Ross over Billy Ross as the murderer
‘Mare of Easttown’ Episode 2: Robbie Tann as Billy Ross and Joe Tippett as John Ross | Michele K. Short/HBO

‘Mare of Easttown’ Episode 6 recap

In Mare of Easttown Episode 6, actor Gordon Clapp from NYPD Blue played a significant role in filling in some missing pieces to Erin’s murder. Clapp plays Pat Ross, Billy Ross (Robbie Tann), and John Ross’s (Joe Tippett) father. 

Pat admitted to John that Billy came home late the night of Frank’s engagement party. When he went downstairs to check on his son, Billy was in the laundry room, and there was blood everywhere. They found Erin the following day. Pat believed that Billy might be Erin’s killer.


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When John confronted Billy about what happened, he admitted that he killed Erin. John told his wife, Lori (Julianne Nicholson), and asked her to keep the information from her best friend, Mare. Billy told John that he was ready to confess; however, John suggested that they go fishing again one last time on the Lehigh River. When Billy packed his fishing gear, he hid a gun inside the tackle box.

‘Mare of Easttown’ fan theory confirmed: Who killed Erin McMenamin? 

After Mare of Easttown Episode 6 ended, viewers were led to believe that Billy Ross killed Erin. 

Viewers previously guessed that Billy might be Erin’s murderer. They also suspected that he could be the father of Erin’s baby. In Mare of Easttown Episode 5, Erin’s ex-boyfriend, Dylan Hinchey (Jack Mulhern), took a paternity test. However, the results indicated that he wasn’t the baby’s father. Lori admitted that (from what she understood) Billy is the true father of the baby.

‘Mare of Easttown’ fan theory: John killed Erin

Although Mare of Easttown Episode 6 indicated to fans that Billy killed Erin, viewers on Reddit believe that John Ross is the murderer. At the end of the episode, Jess Riley (Ruby Cruz) showed a shocking photo to Chief Carter (John Douglas Thompson). Many Reddit fan theories suggest that John is in the picture.

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“My boyfriend thinks [the photo] is of John, and he was the one who impregnated Erin and is getting Billy to take the blame,” one Reddit user wrote. “And Erin’s best friend, Jess (Ruby Cruz), went to Lor’s house with her mom with information about Erin in an earlier episode.”

Other Reddit users give more evidence for this Mare of Easttown Episode 6 fan theory.

“John got her pregnant, which is why Billy is so mad,” another fan wrote. Billy yelled at John that he was constantly “cleaning up your mess” and to “keep it in your pants.”

The viewer also believed that John purposely told Lori that Billy is the murderer. He knew she couldn’t keep that secret from Mare and that the detective would immediately follow the two men up the Lehigh River.

Will ‘Mare of Easttown’ have a season 2?

Sadly, Mare of Easttown on HBO is a limited series and won’t have a season 2. Only one episode remains. The Mare of Easttown series finale airs on May 30, 2021, at 10 p.m. EST on HBO.