Margot Robbie ‘Flat Out Lied’ To Her Family About Her Nude Scenes in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’

Margot Robbie’s role as Naomi Lapaglia in The Wolf of Wall Street elevated her career in 2014. Robbie’s X-rated scenes alongside Leonardo DiCaprio made her a fan-favorite in the film. Although some of her edgier scenes are what Robbie’s character became known for, the actor admitted she wasn’t honest with her loved ones about the character’s nature. 

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Margot Robbie used tequila shots to calm her nerves before filming her nude scene in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’

Robbie landed The Wolf of Wall Street shortly after she moved to Los Angeles. The actor was born in Australia and began her acting career in local soap operas. When she got to LA, Robbie booked a job as Laura Cameron in Pan Am. After Pan Am, Robbie auditioned for The Wolf of Wall Street as former stockbroker Jordan Belfort’s second wife. Robbie said Naomi was vastly different from who she is in real life.

One of Robbie’s most challenging scenes while filming The Wolf of Wall Street was her sex scene with DiCaprio. Although she opted to be completely nude instead of wearing a robe, Robbie told The New York Times she needed some liquid courage along the way. She said a member of the movie’s crew gifted her with a flask of tequila to ease her tension before shooting the scene. 

“I did three shots of tequila and then took my clothes off and did the scene, and I was fine. It really helped stop my hands shaking and gave me a little boost of confidence,” Robbie recalled. “Acting 101: three shots of tequila, and you’ll be fine.”

Margot Robbie lied to her family about her sex scenes in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ by saying she had a body double

Soon after The Wolf of Wall Street premiered, moviegoers began to buzz about the film. Robbie soon started appearing on several television shows to promote the movie. In January 2014, Robbie was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! During their chat, Robbie told Kimmel that her family hadn’t seen the film in Australia. She also admitted that she initially lied about being nude in the movie. 

“[The nudity] was a small point of contention with the family,” Robbie explained to Kimmel, per Daily Mail. “’Ironically enough, I flat out lied to my family for a really long time. I said, ‘I don’t care what you hear; there is no nudity. I am not doing any nudity. Ignore everything anyone is saying. There is no nudity.’”

In time, Robbie realized her family would see her when the film came to Australia. When she noticed her error, Robbie convinced her family the crew used technology to create her NSFW scenes. 

“I thought, ‘well, the movie is going to come out, and they are going to see that there is nudity,”’ Robbie said. “So I changed that, and the lie evolved to ‘well actually there is a body double and they CGI’ed my head onto someone else.”‘ 

Margot Robbie came clean to her family about her nude scene for ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ 

Because none of her family members are in the entertainment industry, Robbie said they didn’t assume she was lying about her filming secrets. However, Robbie decided to tell her family before The Wolf of Wall Street premiered. 


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‘’Eventually, I came clean, and I was like ‘OK, I am doing nudity, but you should read the book first,’” Robbie said. 

Robbie also said she wasn’t sure how her small town in Australia would handle the movie. Following Wolf of Wall Street, Robbie would play riskier characters like Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey