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Margot Robbie had an incredible start to her career by teaming up with megastars Leonardo DiCaprio and Will Smith. But when it came to Smith, even Robbie’s family thought the two stars were getting too close for comfort.

Margot Robbie wasn’t expecting the chemistry that she had with Will Smith

Margot Robbie and Will Smith at the MTV awards.
Will Smith and Margot Robbie | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Smith and Robbie met under interesting circumstances for the 2015 feature Focus. After a chaotic trip that included losing her luggage, Robbie admitted that she didn’t exactly look her best for her Focus audition. When Smith saw how Robbie presented herself, he only had one thought in mind.

“‘Wow, she really doesn’t want this job,'” he recalled in an interview with Collider. “She’s put in a lot of effort to not get this job.”

But Robbie would eventually get the role co-starring alongside Smith, with the two developing almost immediate chemistry.

“You can’t create chemistry. You either have it or you don’t. And when she walked in, it was really palpable,” Smith said.

It was a type of chemistry that surprised Robbie as well.

“It was something neither of us were really expecting,” she once said in an interview with The National Student. “But for some reason when we walked into the room we just really got along and that continued throughout the shoot and it made every scene exciting and fun. It’s not really something you can manufacture so it wasn’t forced or planned, it just existed already, which was handy.”

Margot Robbie’s mom told her to be careful around Will Smith

Due to their chemistry and friendship on screen, rumors spilled around the internet that Robbie and Smith were more than just friends. At one point, even Robbie’s own family was influenced by the rumor-mill and wondered if something was going on between herself and the superstar. But Robbie was adamant that there was no intimacy between them.

“It genuinely came out of nowhere and nothing,” Robbie said in a 2012 interview with the LA Times. “But even my mum’s like, ‘Margot, be careful next time you’re at a party.’ ‘Mum! We weren’t even at a party! We’re at work. We weren’t drunk. We were between scenes on set!'”

Robbie also experienced similar rumors with her Wolf of Wall Street co-star Leonardo DiCaprio. Which indicated the speculation around her and Smith was just a part of the film business.

“It’s unavoidable,” Robbie continued. “A little while back, they put pictures in the magazines saying Leo and I were on a balcony in Miami. It’s not me. It’s a 6-foot Ukrainian model. Really, I could lock myself away in a dark room for the rest of my life and they still could say I’m having an affair with someone.”

Will Smith once wanted Margot Robbie to compare his huge profile with Leonardo DiCaprio’s


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Since Robbie worked with both Smith and DiCaprio, many were curious what it was like for a new actor to work alongside the two. But Robbie found it difficult to compare the two.

“I can’t answer that! I can’t win, either way,” Robbie once said in a press conference according to Express.

Still, Robbie was able to give some kind of note regarding her co-stars’ similarities.

“They actually have a few things in common. They have extremely cute, um, profiles,” she joked.

But Smith, also curious, quipped that he wanted Robbie to give a more definitive response.

“Well, one of those profiles was huger than the other,” he said.

Apart from that, Robbie also complimented Smith and DiCaprio on the generosity they displayed behind the scenes.

“They’re both courteous to everyone on set,” she continued. “It just goes to show that if someone in their position can behave that way and be so decent, then no one can be a dick!”