Mariah Carey Vs. Jennifer Lopez: Which Iconic Superstar Has the Higher Net Worth?

Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez are both iconic entertainers, but which superstar has the higher net worth? Here’s what we know about the singers’ earnings and their long-running feud

Side by side photos of Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez, two feuding stars who have comparable net worths.
(L-R) Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic; Steve Granitz/FilmMagic

Mariah Carey’s net worth

Singer, songwriter, producer, and actor Mariah Carey has amassed a huge fortune. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the “Obsessed” singer has an estimated net worth of $320 million. 

She is one of the top best-selling music artists in history, having sold over 200 million albums worldwide. Carey is the second best-selling female artist of all time after Madonna, with more no. 1 hit songs than any other female musician in U.S. chart history. The singer has won five Grammys, 10 American Music Awards, and 15 Billboard Music Awards.

Carey has appeared in several movies, including Glitter, Precious, and Tennessee. In 2012, she was paid $18 million to appear on one season of American Idol. Carey has had several residencies in Las Vegas. She earned $30 million for her two-year “#1 to Infinity” concert residency, which ran from 2015 to 2017 at Caesars Palace.

Carey’s song “All I Want for Christmas Is You” has generated a significant portion of her net worth. Forbes stated that Carey makes about $2.5 million each year for the song, and she had earned $60 million by 2016 from the song since it was first released in 1994. The publication said she has probably made an additional $12.5 million since then, bringing her to more than $72 million from just one song.

Carey’s vocal cords and legs are a considerable part of her assets, as they are insured for $35 million each. 

Let’s see how Carey’s fortune stacks up against her fellow superstar Jennifer Lopez’s net worth.

Jennifer Lopez’s net worth

Although Mariah Carey has earned a great deal of wealth, Jennifer Lopez still has a higher net worth. According to Celebrity Net Worth, J.Lo is worth a whopping $400 million and earns about $40 million each year. 

Lopez is a singer, dancer, actor, producer, and designer. Like Carey, she was a judge on American Idol, although Lopez was on the show for several seasons. She was also a  judge and executive producer on the reality competition show World of Dance.

In 2020, Lopez headlined the halftime show for Super Bowl LIV in Miami, Florida. Like Carey, Lopez also had a Las Vegas residency, which ran from January 2016 to September 2018 and grossed $97.5 million.

Her designer clothing line, JLO, debuted in 2003. Lopez released her first fragrance, Glow by J. Lo, the same year. She now has over 25 scents to her name. 

Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez’s feud

Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey’s feud has sparked countless jokes and memes, mostly due to Carey’s famous line, “I don’t know her,” when asked about the “I’m Real” singer

During an early-2000s interview, Carey was asked to give her opinion on other singers in the entertainment industry. After saying Beyoncé was “a good writer” and “nice,” all Carey said about Lopez was, “I don’t know her.” J.Lo was already extremely famous by that time, so it was impossible to imagine that the “Emotions” singer hadn’t heard of her. 

Lopez seemed uninterested in feuding with Carey. During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen asked the superstar if she had any issues with Carey.

“I don’t have a feud against her at all,” Lopez responded (per Your Tango). “I know from back in the day, I’ve read things that she’s said about me that were not the greatest. But we have never met. We don’t know each other.”

She added, “I would love to meet her and I would love to be friends with her.”

But in 2015, fans caught the “Waiting for Tonight” singer scrolling through her phone, looking bored while Carey performed at the Billboard Music Awards.

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