Mario Lopez Revealed His Kids Have 1 Condition For Watching Dad on TV

When Mario Lopez isn’t hosting Access Hollywood, Access Daily, or his syndicated radio show, ON with Mario Lopez, the actor is busy with his wife and three kids. The family might even have a movie in the works together. However, the longtime host admitted his kids don’t like to watch him on TV or in movies unless they’re involved. Lopez teased his upcoming movie and how much his kids love working with Daddy on-screen in an exclusive interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet about his Frito-Lay partnership.

Mario Lopez stars in new Lifetime movie, ‘Stepping Into The Holiday’

Viewers can see Mario Lopez in the new Lifetime movie, Stepping Into The Holiday, which is currently in post-production and coming out sometime this summer.

“I’m excited about it,” Lopez told Showbiz Cheat Sheet about the new movie. “It’s called Stepping Into The Holiday. We shot it down in Nashville. We are editing it right now — it’s coming together great. [There are] a lot of musical components to it, a lot of dancing, a lot of music. My wife’s in it. It’s probably my favorite one I’ve done so far, so I’m excited for people to check it out. It’s coming out, I believe, the first week of the summer.” 

Mario Lopez and his wife Courtney Laine posing for photographers with their kids, Santino Lopez, Dominic Lopez, and Gia Lopez
Courtney Laine Mazza, Santino Lopez, Mario Lopez, Dominic Lopez and Gia Francesca Lopez | Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Lopez gave a few teasers about the upcoming movie.

“I play a guy named Billie Holiday,” he added. “That’s a stage name. His real name is Billy Hernandez. And he gets fired. And I don’t know if I’m supposed to tell you much about it, but he sort of has to start over and go back to square one. But in the process, you have to find a little love during the holiday.”

When Cheat Sheet asked if his wife is his love interest in the movie, Lopez couldn’t say.

“You have to watch and see,” he teased.

Mario Lopez’s kids would rather be on TV with him than watch him acting or hosting

Mario Lopez has three kids with his wife Courtney Mazza — Dominic “Nico” Luciano Lopez, Gia Francesca Lopez, and Santino Rafael Lopez. However, his kids only want to watch Dad on TV when they’re involved. They love to be on the screen. Lopez’s daughter and oldest child, Gia recently appeared in a movie with him.

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“My kids have come out with me,” Lopez explained. “My daughter was in the last film Holiday in Santa Fe with me, and she did a great job. We’ll do a lot of stuff for Access Hollywood together. So they don’t necessarily like to see me too much, unless they’re in it. They see enough of dad.”

Lopez has a secret project coming soon

When Showbiz Cheat Sheet asked if fans could see Mario Lopez with his kids in any upcoming movies or TV shows, he gave a hopeful answer. 

“There’s some stuff we’re kind of working on together,” Lopez teased. “I am excited and can hopefully announce soon but about it. Yeah.”

Gia Lopez, born in 2010, is now 12. Dominic Lopez, born in 2013 is nine-years-old in 2022. Meanwhile, the youngest Lopez boy, Santino, is two-years-old.

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