Mario Lopez Reveals His Frito-Lay Favorites, But His Kids Don’t Like Them (Yet) [Exclusive]

Actor and television host Mario Lopez has come a long way since his days as AC Slater in Saved By The Bell but his Frito-Lay snack preferences haven’t changed much! That’s why the Access Hollywood host partnered with Frito-Lay Variety Packs this summer for a limited edition “Unbox the Icons” pack. While speaking to Lopez, he told Showbiz Cheat Sheet that his kids have yet to grow into the spicy delicious snacks he likes, but he hopes they’ll get there soon. 

Mario Lopez partnered with Frito-Lay Variety Packs for “Unbox the Icons”

On May 16, 2022, Mario Lopez and fellow icon, Martha Stewart, launched the “Unbox the Icons” campaign. Lopez created an “ICONIC Box” with his favorite snacks and some fun items for summer. In an exclusive interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, he revealed why he chose to partner with Frito-Lay.

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“Well, I’ve always loved Frito-Lay Snacks, I mean who hasn’t?” Lopez began. “Having three kids now I get to live vicariously through them, while I’m packing their lunch and putting all my favorite snacks in their lunch boxes. And so, you know, we created this limited edition iconic box full of my favorite snacks and some essentials to sort of get into the summer. It includes wireless headphones, Fujifilm Instant Camera and my favorites, Funyons, Doritos, the Flaming Hot Cheetos and hot sauce. So it kind of represents who I am.”

Mario Lopez’s kids do not love his Frito-Lay Snack choices, yet

When Cheat Sheet asked Mario Lopez if his kids like the Flaming Hot Cheetos and hot sauce like he does, the actor said no, but he was optimistic.

“Not too much because they’re little,” Lopez explained about the spicy chips and sauce. “But I think they’ll grow into it. My wife grew into it. She loves it now.” 

Mario Lopez smiling and showing off his exclusive Frito-Lay Variety Pack "Unbox the Icons" box
Mario Lopez with his Frito-Lay Variety Packs, “Unbox the Icons” Exclusive Box | Frito-Lay

However, in an interview with Hola!, he revealed that his kids do love several other Frito-Lays snacks. 

“I’ll stuff their lunchbox,” Lopez told the outlet. “They love Cheetos and Doritos, and they deserve it.”

Lopez only partners with campaigns that he truly enjoys

Mario Lopez doesn’t share many paid partnership ads to his social media followers. That’s because he only chooses companies that speak to him. 

“I only partner with things that I’m authentically interested in and this [Frito-Lays campaign] fell in that category,” he told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “I just think it’s a cool little campaign with the whole icon sort of spin to it and you get to pick your own personal stuff and like I said, I love all the snacks. So it made a lot of sense. Easy.”

‘Weirdo Pairing’ From the Frito-Lay ‘Unbox The Icons’ Variety Pack

Some fans wonder why the bottle of hot sauce is in there with the chips. That’s an easy answer. Lopez doesn’t eat his chips straight out of the bag. Instead, he pours hot sauce and lemon juice on them! It may sound strange, but the Access Hollywood host insists that it’s delicious.

“I usually put hot sauce on everything, so when [Frito-Lay] started coming out with these spicy chips and Flamin’ Hot, it worked out well,” he told Hola! “I put a lot of lemon [juice] and hot sauce and shake it up, and they come out a little soggy and so spicy and good. So I do that. That is my weirdo pairing.”

Submissions into the contest for Mario Lopez’s “Iconic Box” ended on June 5, 2022, but consumers can head to his Instagram page to keep their eyes peeled for the winners.

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