‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Recap: Vado and Tahiry Fight Over Electric Shock Couples’ Drill

You’ve seen the previews. Rather than review last week’s episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition, we’re going to jump right into the recap of the July 30 episode.

Hazel-E and De’Von are having their own set of relationship problems, but a viral clip of Vado yoking Tahiry up has everyone talking. Here’s the recap of episode 5.

Vado of Marriage Boot Camp
Vado of ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition’ | Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

‘Marriage Boot Camp’ couples do their first drill

Hazel-E is still mad about De’Von hanging out downstairs. She’s sent to the doctor after taking a pregnancy test and spotting some blood. The other couples are set up for the first drill, and they’re all locked in their rooms.

The game? One person reads off clue cards while the blindfolded person looks for the next clue. The purpose is to make them communicate and solve the problem together.

By working through each clue, they’ll be able to escape their room. With the exception of Phaedra Parks, everyone is working hard to find the clues. She’s not into it.

At one point, Shanda and Willie have to address the clue: “How many women has Willie slept with?” The answer is 12, and it derails the game. They work through it and wind up being the first couple to complete the challenge.

Vado and Tahiry finish next, and they notice Shanda looks a little down. She makes a remark about some of their unflattering clues and Willie storms off to the bedroom. Kurupt and Toni work well and make it out their room, but Medina does the challenge alone.

Dr. Ish counsels Willie and Shanda about understanding Willie’s motivations for cheating. He tells them they need to have a barebones honest conversation about their needs. Willie tearfully admits he doesn’t want to hurt his wife anymore and desires to do better for their family. They’re both willing to start over.

Hazel-E and De’Von return, and Dr. Ish talks to them about pregnancy and De’Von’s temper. They get to participate but Hazel has to take it easy.

Tahiry and Vado fight with words and electric shocks

It’s time for phase two. The couples are given electrical shock bracelets and remote controls for the next drill. Each partner receives a bracelet and controller. Dr. Ish gives each person a list of their partner’s bad traits, and the person engaging in poor communication behavior gets a shock.

Off the bat, Hazel shocks De’Von for not talking, but Vado and Tahiry get into an argument about not following instructions and buzz each other.

It’s mostly Tahiry zapping Vado, but she can’t take the reciprocation for her behavior. She angrily walks away and dares him to shock her. He zaps her for yelling.

The other couples exchange friendly fire over their issues, but these two go at it. They yell, zap, and eventually Tahiry takes off her bracelet because she’s tired of being shocked for rolling her eyes and yelling. Toni and De’Von explain to Vado he has to disengage when she goes off, but he says it provokes him.

Vado gets physical with Tahiry

Inside the house, they continue to argue, and all the others are at peace. Tahiry rants at Vado about their relationship in front of the whole group, and then pelts him with two apples. Ouch! “I don’t give a f***!” she says. He’s mad.

Dr. Ish gathers the crew and reviews both drills. He reveals each couple’s list of bad behaviors and points out what they need to work on. Hazel and De’Von learn about their faulty communication patterns.

When it comes to Phaedra and Medina, he calls her out about sleeping during the riddle drill. “Your comfort is more important than the future of this relationship,” he tells Phaedra. He lectures her about giving up.

But things go left when Dr. Ish tries to talk to Tahiry and Vado. He asks if they figured out their communication issues, and Tahiry says, “I think he was enticing me to become that person that I don’t want to be anymore. And then I look crazy to y’all. I look extra.”

She’s cut off when Vado glares at her, jumps up out of his seat and lunges at her, grabbing her by the neck/collar.

Dr. Ish breaks his grip and Vado is angry. “You lucky I don’t hurt you.” He’s still mad she threw apples at his face earlier. Tune in on Aug. 6 for the next episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition to find out how Dr. Ish and the team handle this situation.

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