‘Married at First Sight’: This 1 Trait Makes Someone a ‘Prime’ Candidate for the Show

People do apply to be on Married at First Sight to find love. But what makes them stand out to the experts? Dr. Pepper Schwartz revealed what makes someone a “prime” candidate to get married.

‘Married at First Sight’ experts have the final say on couples

Vincent and Briana on 'Married at First Sight'
Vincent Morales and Briana Morris on ‘Married at First Sight’ | Kinetic Content

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People are found for the show through recruiters and applications. They then go through a long process to see if they’re the right fit for the show. But in the end, the experts are the ones who approve which pairs actually make it to the aisle. The experts recently are sociologist Dr. Pepper, Pastor Calvin Roberson, and relationship therapist Dr. Viviana Coles.

“The experts are the final say. The bus stops with them,” Chris Coelen, the CEO of the production company Kinetic Content, told E! News. “The experts always have the final say, and that is an extraordinary level of trust that the network gives to them. And we as producers give that to them as well.”

There is one risk when it comes to finding genuine people for a reality show. Dr. Pepper said someone who is a red flag is “looking for some fame of some sort. For somebody who really thinks this is a way to some kind of career path, I think there are easier and less risky ways!”

What makes someone the right fit? It’s more than not wanting to be famous, according to the expert.

 This 1 trait makes someone a ‘prime’ candidate

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Once again, the show is in the casting process for a new season. Dr. Pepper talked to 10 Boston about what makes a great candidate for the show.

“A prime candidate is somebody who deeply wants to be in love and is committed to marriage in its most profound way,” Dr. Pepper said. “That is the thick, the thin, the ups, the downs. Understands that this is not a walk on the beach.”

She continued to talk about how being realistic about the hardships in relationships matters. “That the best relationships whether we create them or they create them have challenges in them,” the sociologist said. “And they want to take on those challenges. I look for people who most of all will try to take marriage as seriously as anybody else in the world and is looking and believing that we can create that.”

This doesn’t mean you should be dedicated to making things work with just anyone. The expert did give advice to fans to not settle for certain things.

“I think essentially goals,” Dr. Pepper said. “You have a shared sense of what you want to accomplish in life. I think you have to be able to have respect, show respect. If you fight, you don’t fight dirty.”

Being willing to make a relationship work would help you stay married by decision day. But as fans have seen, some challenges are too much for some couples.