‘Married at First Sight’: Alexis Says Justin’s Sensitivity Was Hard to Deal With in Season 15

Married at First Sight has always been full of explosive and emotional moments, but Season 15 cast member Justin stood out due to him being extremely sensitive and emotional. Justin was never afraid to cry or be vulnerable on camera. But his wife, Alexis, felt that his sensitivity level and crying spells were a lot to deal with in their eight-week marriage. It’s one of the reasons they didn’t make it past Decision Day.

Justin looks somber on 'Married at First Sight'
Justin looks somber on ‘Married at First Sight’

Justin explains his emotional nature during Season 15

From the moment viewers met Justin, he was crying about something, and the experts felt his being in tune with his emotions was a good attribute for a man to have. But as the season progressed, it seemed as if he cried in every episode.

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During the reunion, Justin was asked by host Kevin Frazier how he felt watching the edits back with him being so emotional. Justin said that it didn’t bother him, while his co-host Nate felt that he cried too much.

Nate viewed it as Justin being “soft” and lacking the assertiveness he felt a man needed in a marriage. But Justin shot back, saying that more men needed not to be afraid to shed a tear.

Alexis says it was difficult to be with Justin because of his sensitivity

While some people applauded Justin for not being afraid to show his emotions, others felt it was overkill. Alexis even admitted during the reunion that it was a major turn-off at times. While speaking with Are You My Podcast?, Alexis told the co-hosts that because of Justin’s sensitive nature, she couldn’t be her typical jokester self. 

“I think it’s just that I have a romance roast ratio to where it’s just like we gotta roast each other, but we also have to rub on each other and kiss on each other and stuff like that. I’m not like the all the time lovey-dovey type, feeling on your booty type of girl,” she explained. “Sometimes, tell me my forehead is big. Tell me my feet are ashy, and I have horrible calluses. I need that. So for me to be in a marriage with someone who wasn’t used to that, who didn’t like that, it took a lot to grow accustomed to because it wasn’t like I was trying to be mean. That was never my intention. I just come from a funny family, and that’s how we show our love by taking digs at one another.”

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Justin told her early on that he preferred she not make jokes about him. With that in mind, she says it caused her to walk on eggshells. 

“It was very early on [that he asked me to stop making jokes]. He just didn’t want to be the butt of the joke because I found out that he was bullied a lot,” she explained. “So when he told me, ‘You’re hurting my feelings when you do it, and it doesn’t translate as a joke,’ we literally had times where I’d be like, ‘Hey, is that too much?’ Or I would bring it back. There would be several times I’d say, ‘Babe, tell me if I’m going too far. Tell me if your feelings are hurt.’ So whenever things weren’t communicated well on his end, I would say, ‘Hey, that hurts my feelings’ just so that he could have the space to do the same. So it did take a lot away from me.”

Pastor Cal says Justin and Alexis didn’t try hard enough to save their marriage

Whether or not anything could have been done to save their marriage will probably never be answered. But  Pastor Cal, one of the experts who matched them, told BOSSIP that they didn’t try hard enough. He even says Alexis was ill-prepared for such a commitment.

“I believe Justin and Alexis just gave up too soon,” he said. “They could have made it, but sometimes thinking you’re ready and actually being ready for a long-term commitment are two different things. Alexis may have not been as ready as she thought she was.”