‘Married at First Sight’: Amber Bowles Claims Matt Gwynne ‘Turned On Her’ During Their Second Week of Marriage

Amber Bowles and Matt Gwynne’s marriage quickly fell apart on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight Season 9 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Matt allegedly cheated on Amber early on in their relationship, and they finally got a divorce long after their season ended.

In a Mar. 8 Instagram Live interview with Erin Hill (@getncozywitherin on Instagram) on her series Tub Talk, the Married at First Sight star claimed that Matt was “really sweet” at the beginning of their relationship. It was only after about a week or two of marriage that he allegedly “turned on” his wife.

Amber Bowles said Matt Gwynne was ‘really sweet’ at first

In her Tub Talk interview, Amber said her first moments with Matt at the wedding were actually fairly nice. She was attracted to her new husband and thought they would get along well.

“It was awkward, and I was nervous,” the Married at First Sight Season 9 star admitted. “But honestly, in the moment, he was really sweet.” Amber remembered that Matt rubbed her hands to calm her down as they stood together at the altar. He, too, seemed nervous, and she found his nerves endearing.

In fact, Amber and Matt got along at first. According to Amber, they “actually had a lot in common.”

“The first week, he was pretty great,” Amber said of her ex-husband. Matt was a former professional basketball player, and she was a huge basketball fan, so they connected during discussions of their favorite sport.

Matt and Amber’s relationship fell apart after just a week

During their honeymoon, Matt and Amber continued to share a solid connection. Like Amber, Matt was “philosophical” and enjoyed talking about topics that went beyond the surface.

“I love to read and have deeper conversations about stuff, about life,” Amber told the interviewer. “I feel like he was the same way – at first. I don’t know if he was putting on a front or if he genuinely is that way.”

But the Married at First Sight star, who has called her ex-husband a “narcissist,” noticed a major change in her marriage soon after the honeymoon ended.

“At first, we always had something to talk about,” Amber explained. “But then he kind of turned on me, like, week two.”

Soon afterward, according to Amber, Matt became “boring” and only wanted to talk about superficial things like his clothes and his hair. It was then that she started to believe he might be a somewhat shallow and egotistical person. For example, she claimed he wondered if Married at First Sight fans would notice if he was wearing the same shirt in multiple scenes.

“It became more conversations about just him and his physical appearance,” she remembered. “It always ended up becoming a conversation about his looks.”


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Amber went on to claim that there was a “huge shift” in her marriage after Matt and Amber returned from their honeymoon. When Amber went back to her work as a teacher, she didn’t think her husband appreciated the lack of free time in her more conservative lifestyle. In fact, she didn’t think he wanted to be with “a woman with a job.”

“We were doing great, and he wanted to spend a lot of time with me,” the Married at First Sight star explained. But then, when he saw her true lifestyle – which required her to go to work every day for at least eight hours – she believed he was no longer interested.

Amber claimed Matt wanted to start drinking at 3 p.m. some days. As a middle school teacher, she obviously couldn’t partake or go out all night on weekdays. She believed that, when Matt realized how different their lifestyles were, it was the beginning of the end for their marriage.