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It hasn’t been a great season for the Married at First Sight matchmakers. While we’ve only seen three episodes of season 10, reports are trickling out that most of this season’s couples decide not to stay together. If the reports are accurate, at least three of the five newlyweds this season have opted to call it quits. The latest news of a split comes from the @mafsfan Instagram account, which has previously revealed that two other couples will be divorcing. 

[Possible spoilers ahead for Married at First Sight Season 10.] 

Michael and Meka are getting divorced 

On Jan. 21, the @mafsfan Instagram shared the news that Michael and Meka would be getting divorced at the end of this season. The person behind the account didn’t have any other details, though they did say that they hoped “to have the receipts to share soon.” The couple apparently separated right after filming for the Lifetime reality series ended, and Michael has filed for an annulment. 

Viewers watched as Michael and Meka walked down the aisle in the episode titled “I Married a Stranger” that aired Jan. 15. In an interview with SoapDirt published in early January, Meka admitted that she didn’t find her husband “immediately attractive.” While she said she went into the experience of marrying a total stranger with an “open mind,” apparently, there just wasn’t a strong enough connection for this couple.  

2 other ‘Married at First Sight’ couples are getting divorced

News of Michael and Meka’s possible split comes after the @mafsfan account also revealed juicy info about two other season 10 couples. 

On Jan. 14, the account revealed that Brandon and Taylor also decided to not stay married. In a statement to People, Lifetime seemed to confirm the news, noting that “As with any union, some end up happily ever after, and others don’t,” the network said. “Continue to watch MAFS to see what happens with Taylor and Brandon.”

Mindy and Zach are the other couple who didn’t click this season. And according to @mafsfan, infidelity may be the reason. Zach reportedly got close to Mindy’s friend Lindsay during filming. That led to an “emotional affair” that could be the reason for the split. 

Only 2 couples are left on this season of ‘MAFS’ 

If it’s true that Taylor and Brandon, Meka and Michael, and Zach and Mindy have all decided not to stay married, that leaves just two couples for fans to root for: Katie and Derek and Jessica and Austin. 

However, there are signs that Katie and Derek might not last. Just before her wedding, an ex-boyfriend reached out to Katie, which had her questioning her decision to get married. And during an episode of Married at First Sight: Couples Couch, some MAFS alums predicted they’d be getting divorced. 

The [ex-]boyfriend thing is going to creep up,” season 5’s Anthony D’Amico said to his wife Ashley Petta. 

Fans had more hope for Austin and Jessica, who seemed to have more chemistry than the other couples this season. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.