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Married at First Sight couple Chris Williams and Paige Banks have many viewers throwing up their arms in frustration. Chris Williams repeatedly negged Banks and seemed to have an endless supply of red flags. His emotional manipulation led up to a shocking reveal on decision day, followed by Paige Banks finally making a decision that had most viewers happy. Unfortunately, it looks like the Married at First Sight couple might be trying to make things work. Are Chris and Paige still together?

‘Married at First Sight’ star Chris Williams dropped a shocker on decision day

Married at First Sight star Chris Williams
Married at First Sight star Chris Williams | Lifetime/YouTube

Married at First Sight couple Chris Wiliams and Paige Banks had a roller coaster ride of a relationship. Williams exhibited a bevy of red flags immediately on the show, expressing several outdated viewpoints when it comes to what he wants in a partner. 

“I want a woman that is not after me for my money. She is intelligent, submissive, sexy, good in bed, and a freak. And that seems like finding a needle in a haystack,” Williams told Married at First Sight producers. He later expressed his intention of getting Banks pregnant as soon as possible. 

Later, he admitted to her that his ex was pregnant with his child, and that he still loved his ex and wanted to get back together with her and raise his child. He continued to yank Paige Banks around despite that confession. 

When decision day rolled around, many fans were hoping that Chris Williams and Paige Banks would call it quits after the emotional turmoil Williams put Banks through. Instead, Williams told everyone his ex had a miscarriage. 

He then told Banks that he made a mistake with their relationship, saying that she was everything he wanted in a partner, and calling her “the best thing I never cherished.”

Paige Banks makes a decision

When Paige Banks and Chris Williams were asked to make their Married at First Sight decision, they shocked viewers and the experts. Williams seemed to take the wheel, speaking for them both. He told the experts they’d be the first undecided couple in the show’s history. 

Dr. Viviana Coles was not happy, and called Williams out immediately. 

“No, I’m not OK with this. I’m not OK with this. I’m being very honest with you,” Dr. Coles told Chris Williams. “I feel like you’re doing this to play with her and now to play with us.”

Paige Banks took a moment off set, and returned with her decision. 

“Just for my emotional and mental health, I think I need to go ahead and not stay married,” Banks said.

‘Married at First Sight’: Are Chris and Paige still together?

Are Married at First Sight couple Chris and Paige still together?
Married at First Sight couple Chris and Paige | Lifetime

‘Married at First Sight’: Dr. Viviana Coles’ Facial Expression Reveals What She Thinks of Chris Williams

Despite Paige Banks’ decision to split from her Married at First Sight partner, many viewers felt it was only a matter of time before she went back to Chris Williams, given how she stayed with him so long throughout his gaslighting and manipulation. 

Unfortunately, those viewers may be right to a degree. According to Us Weekly, Chris Williams and Paige Banks have been seeing a counselor to try and work things out. 

“We did go through some counseling to reconcile and figure things out. I felt like if we can reconcile and make it past this, I felt like getting someone who is a third-party mediator [would] be able to assist us,” said Chris Williams. 

Paige Banks added that she considered moving in with Chris Williams after decision day. So are Chris Williams and Paige Banks still together now? Fans of Married at First Sight will be happy to hear that Paige Banks says they’re not together. 

“I just don’t think that we are meant for each other,” she said.