‘Married at First Sight: Australia’ – Are Hayley Vernon and Poppy Jennings BFFs?

Lifetime’s Married at First Sight follows arranged marriages between strangers who are matched by relationship experts. The hope is that the participants will eventually find love, and viewers will be entertained in the process.

In contrast, Married at First Sight: Australia delivers loads more juicy drama than the American version. It seems that fireworks trump love and commitment in that version of the show. But aside from the romantic connections made (or destroyed), some of the reality stars appear to have formed lasting friendships.

Poppy Jennings and Hayley Vernon
Poppy Jennings and Hayley Vernon | Poppy Jennings via Instagram

‘Married at First Sight: Australia’ Season 7 features a dozen couples

On season 7 of Married at First Sight: Australia, 12 couples take the plunge by committing to a complete stranger. Over the course of the show, the pairs have ups and downs. And when that happens, the platonic friendships often take the spotlight when individuals offer support and encouragement during trying times.

What’s more, many would-be lovebirds come to the defense of their pals during conflicts, despite risking their partners’ ire. In the end, many marriages may dissolve, but do the participants come out of the experiment with the consolation of newfound friends instead of spouses? Based on social media activity, it appears that some do.

Season 7 participant, Poppy shared a series of videos with her gal pals from ‘Married at First Sight’

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Poppy Jennings was paired with Luke Eglin on the show, but the duo proved incompatible, and they parted ways. Since leaving the show, Poppy has remained engaged on social media. She recently gave her followers a look inside her relationship with several Married at First Sight stars.

In the videos Jennings posted to Instagram, several of the reality show friends are enjoying lighthearted shenanigans. In one video, presumably taken after Married at First Sight was filmed, fellow contestant Hayley Vernon sits on the floor playing with Jennings’ two children. In the caption, Poppy wrote, in part, “Missing my girls so much!” Jennings also added the hashtags, “besties, love, time of our lives, and soulmates,” hinting at the bond she shares with some of her cast mates.

Season 7 participant, Hayley, posted a sweet message about Poppy on Instagram

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Vernon’s on-screen relationship with David Cannon was classified as “toxic” by the Married at First Sight experts before they were booted out of the experiment. However, Vernon seems to enjoy a more positive rapport with other Married at First Sight cast members.

Vernon posted a photo of herself sharing a fun time with Jennings. This b*tch would have to be hands down one of my biggest wins from going on Married at First Sight,” Vernon wrote, in part, “Poppy is, no joke, one of my best mates! Forever thankful!”

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