‘Married at First Sight Australia’: Which Couples From Season 6 Are Still Together?

Married at First Sight takes fans through the sensitive and sometimes shocking journey of newlyweds who have never met each other. Fans of the show have loved the show so much that it’s returned for twelve seasons and spawned eight spinoffs and dozens of international versions. With Married at First Sight: Australia season 6 recently airing on the Lifetime network, American fans have even more of this iconic series to love. So which of the couples made it from season 6, and who stayed together after the show ended?

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‘Married at First Sight: Australia’

Married at First Sight: Australia is a little different from its American counterpart. In the American version, the couple is legally married as soon as they meet, though they sign a prenup that gives them the option to break off the marriage later on. The Australian version approaches the concept a little differently, with couples performing a “commitment ceremony” at the first meeting.

Though the ceremony looks a lot like a wedding, in Australia, couples must file a notice of their intent to marry a month before their wedding. The ceremony when the couples meet meets this requirement, then the couples have the option of making their wedding complete after the series. Though the sixth season of the show was filmed in 2019, it’s just now hitting American airwaves for the first time.

Cam and Jules: Still together

Cam and Jules rocked viewers when cam proposed to Jules (for real) during the sixth season finale. The two are still together and recently welcomed Oliver, their new son. The two are reportedly planning a permanent move to the UK according to The Sun.

Martha and Michael: Complicated

Martha and Michael had a lot of rocky moments during MAFS Australia. After the show, the two stayed together but were continually plagued by rumors of relationship troubles over the years. Just a few weeks ago, according to The Daily Mail, the two had a very public breakup over Michael pranking Martha using the “no beard filter” on Instagram to make her think he shaved his beard. Martha didn’t think it was funny and broke up with Michael over the prank. Though the two seemed to have ironed it out, seems like it’s still rocky times for this couple.

Jessika and Mick: Definitely split

Jessica and Mick were obviously not going to make it from the beginning. Mick’s simple, hard-working farm mentality and Jessica’s party girl personality just didn’t mesh. The two didn’t even make it to the end of the season, as Jessica left him for her affair with Dan during the season according to Now To Love. This represented an unexpected first for the MAFS franchise, as a contestant had never “swapped” spouses before on the show.

Jessika (again) and Dan: Crash and burn

Starting their relationship with lies and cheating, it was pretty well assumed that this scandalous couple wasn’t going to be making it. For months after the show aired, the couple was subject to numerous allegations of even more cheating and lying, and very public relationship issues on social media. The couple eventually split a few months after the show aired… during a TV interview! The couple split after fighting on an episode of Talking Married.

Mike and Heidi: Split

No surprises for fans here. Mike and Heidi had troubles from day one on MAFS Australia season 6. Mike couldn’t keep his eyes off other women, and the two constantly were at each other’s throats during the season. The two confirmed on the show’s reunion special that they’d already split in a hurry after the finale.

Lauren and Matthew: No happy ending

Lauren and Matthew created a lot of buzz in Australia when the show first aired. Matt was openly a virgin before the show, and since the show broadcast the end of that, fans can’t be blamed for being invested in the two’s relationship. Matt broke it off quick, saying that Lauren wasn’t his type, but since he’s found love with a new woman he met at his local wrestling club.

Sam and Elizabeth: Married no more

The two split only three weeks into the marriage, and fans weren’t surprised. Sam couldn’t keep his hands to himself from the start, scandalously pursuing Ines throughout the whole filming.

Ines and Bronson: Nope

Ines’ affair with Sam doomed this matchup from the start, and the couple broke up quickly after filming started. Despite being burned by Ines, Bronson found love and married an old friend he had recently reconnected with.

Melissa and Dino: Thing of the past

The two never did really ignite a passion, and were the third couple to quit the show.

Cyrell and Nic: Split

The two were unquestionably the most contentious with each other on the season, maybe even the entire history of the show. Cyrell was quick to ditch Nic after the show, announcing the split on national TV.

Ning and Marc: Sadly, no

Ning and Marc were fan favorites on season 6 of the show, who really wanted to see their marriage work. Fans’ hopes were dashed though when Marc dumped Ning in the finale, totally surprising Ning and leaving her absolutely furious.

Dan and Tamara: Obviously not

This one should come as no surprise to fans, especially since we’ve already covered how Dan left Tamara for Jessika during the show. This couple crashed and burned fast when Dan couldn’t keep his hands of Jessika.

Susie and Billy: Done

Susie was terrifying as she created conflict almost immediately by berating Billy and generally treating him like trash. This has led many fans to theorize that the two could’ve been paid actors planted to stir up drama, but fans can at least rest assured that Billy is free of Susie now.

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