‘Married at First Sight’: Bennett Disappoints Amelia For the First Time

By all accounts, Amelia Fatsi and Bennett Kirschner have one of the most-loved relationships in Married at First Sight history. Their shared quirkiness, as well as their effervescent love of life, has earned them plenty of fans on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight season 11.

After wrestling somewhat with the idea of moving from New Orleans to Virginia for Amelia’s medical residency, Bennett – a playwright and theatre director – agreed to split his time between Virginia and Louisiana. Amelia and Bennett also proclaimed their mutual love for one another on a romantic hike shortly before their one-month anniversary, making their marriage seem like a done deal.

Still, the couple isn’t without their problems, however minor they may be. On a recent episode of Married at First Sight, Bennett and Amelia headed out to a couple’s retreat in the countryside after COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. An intimacy exercise left Amelia a little disappointed in Bennett – something fans haven’t seen before.

Amelia Fatsi
Amelia Fatsi | Photo via Kinetic Content

Amelia’s letter to herself included a sweet note about her husband

On the October 14 episode, the Married at First Sight experts gave some of the couples an intimacy exercise to help them grow closer to each other. The newlyweds were tasked with writing letters to their younger selves in order to get more perspective on how they’d changed over the years. Each of the spouses then read their letters aloud.

Amelia’s letter started out as a lighthearted note to her 10-year-old self. After recounting a few memorable anecdotes about her preteen and teen years, the Married at First Sight star went on to share a few romantic thoughts about Bennett.

“You will never, ever be able to imagine your wedding,” Amelia read from her letter, grinning widely at her husband. “One day, a nice lady is going to call you up and ask you if you want to marry a random dude on a reality show.”

“You should go for it,” she added sweetly, hinting that she was very happy about the decision she’d made.

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Bennett’s letter focused on his financial stability

It was Bennett’s turn to read next. Amelia leaned in as she anticipated the letter to her husband’s nine-year-old self, which, he told her, was “really long” and “an important warning” about his future.

“Pretty soon, you will be overjoyed to discover a surprise that you won’t forget as long as you live,” Bennett said, clearing his throat theatrically.

Despite the build-up, however, the letter turned out to be about a certain first-edition Pokemon card. Although young Bennett felt his “heart well up with joy” upon unwrapping the gift, he lent it to his best friend, who ultimately lost the card.

Now, the Married at First Sight star revealed, the card would be worth over $20,000 – which was more, he pointed out, than he made in a year. Bennett advised his younger self to keep the card so as to maintain his financial stability.

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Amelia was ‘disappointed’ that Bennett’s message didn’t include anything about her

As she listened to her husband’s letter, Amelia looked perplexed at first. Eventually, her face fell, leaving her visibly disappointed.

“That’s a pretty powerful letter,” she said lightly after Bennett finished his reading.

Amelia went on to tell her husband that she wasn’t exactly thrilled with his letter.

“I just thought it would be a little bit more about me,” she admitted sheepishly, seeming hurt and a bit snubbed. Amelia’s admission was somewhat out of character for her, as the Married at First Sight star had previously refused to reveal that anything about Bennett annoyed or bothered her.

Bennett seemed surprised by his wife’s unhappiness. He tried to defend his letter, saying that they had such a “great relationship” that he didn’t feel the need to warn his younger self about her.

What’s more, Bennett added, giving his childhood self a heads up about Amelia might have deflated some of the fun.

“The surprise and suddenness of it is part of what makes it so charming and wonderful,” he explained.

Still, Amelia wasn’t entirely satisfied with her husband’s explanation. While she understood that finances were a major source of stress for Bennett – especially because his bank account “came and went like the seasons” – she had hoped she would have earned a spot somewhere in his letter, at least.

“I’m disappointed that his letter wasn’t more romantic,” Amelia said. “I thought maybe he would throw in a little bit about me.”