‘Married at First Sight’: Bennett Says He and Amelia Are Coming to a ‘Crossroads’ In Their Marriage, Plans to Profess His Love

Bennett Kirschner, a 28-year-old theatre artistic director, and Amelia Fatsi, a 27-year-old physician, quickly became a fan-favorite pair on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight season 11 in New Orleans. The quirky, offbeat couple seemed to hit it off right away, communicating almost seamlessly right from the start.

Still, Amelia and Bennett have some obstacles to overcome—and major decisions to make—if they want to stay together. On the Sept. 23 episode of Married at First Sight, “Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby,” Bennett admitted that he was concerned about the couple’s future due to Amelia’s upcoming residency, for which she had to be ready to move to a different state.

Bennett and Amelia opened up to each other in an intimacy exercise

Bennett and Amelia seem to be one of the most emotionally open couples on the New Orleans season of Married at First Sight. That’s probably why they had no problems with the intimacy exercise assigned to them by the Married at First Sight experts on the most recent episode.

Standing nose to nose and holding each other tightly, they took turns opening up and giving each other romantic affirmations according to a series of prompts.

“I’m most excited to share my life with you because you bring me joy,” Bennett lovingly told Amelia.

“I’m most excited to share my life with you because I love your perspective on love,” Amelia said in return.

The sweet moment allowed them to talk about what they loved about each other; for Bennett, it was Amelia’s “capacity for empathy and compassion.”

They also revealed when they feel closest to one another—like, for Amelia, when they talked about tough things and worked them out. The couple also shared their ideas for improving their sex life, such as “expressing sexual needs and desires more openly.” All in all, it seemed to be a beautiful moment for both of them.

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The couple seemed concerned about Amelia’s potential move

Despite Bennett and Amelia’s confidence in their growing connection, one aspect of their future seemed to loom large in their minds and give them some reservations about their marriage.

Amelia would soon find out where she’d have to move for her medical residency, as she had just recently completed med school. While Bennett was open to the possibility of moving for his wife, he admitted that he had some doubts. The Married at First Sight star said he wanted to table the issue for now, explaining that they’d “cross that bridge when they got to it.”

As for Amelia, she admitted that she had some worries about her future with Bennett, given the fact that she would soon have to move.

“Bennett loves his life here and his community, so I don’t know that moving away with me is something that he wants,” she told Lifetime producers.

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Bennett told his ‘Married at First Sight’ castmate that he wasn’t sure what came next

Over dinner with his castmate, Henry Rodriguez, Bennett opened up further about his concerns about Amelia’s residency match.

Explaining that he and Amelia were “about to reach a crossroads” in their marriage, Bennett said he hoped they could just enjoy themselves until then.

After that, Bennett told Henry, “We’ll have to start reckoning and considering where our lives are going.” The Married at First Sight star said that the exact location of Amelia’s residency would certainly play a role in his decision—and for now, he wasn’t ready to come to a conclusion either way. New Orleans meant a lot to Bennett, but so did Amelia.

“It’s something I haven’t made a hard commitment on,” Bennett admitted. “It’s just a really tough decision, between this person who I care very deeply about, and who I can see myself with for the indefinite future, and this place that is my home—full of close friends and collaborators and people I love.”

In the sneak peek for the Sept. 30 episode of Married at First Sight, however, fans might have gotten a clue about Bennett’s decision. In the preview, he told producers that his feelings for Amelia had been steadily growing stronger. He was even planning to find the right moment to profess his love to his wife.