‘Married at First Sight’ Cast Member Chris Williams Has MAFS Fans Concerned After ‘Goons’ Post

Married at First Sight Season 12 has introduced yet another pairing by the experts that has fans wondering what’s going through their heads. Married at First Sight cast member Chris Williams was matched with Paige Banks, and things have not gone well between the two. Williams’ behavior raised many red flags from the start, and MAFS fans have not been impressed with his actions since. Now, a recent social media posts has some fans wondering if Williams is making threats. 

Chris Williams raised red flags for ‘MAFS’ fans

Married at First Sight cast members Paige Banks and Chris Williams, of Season 12
Married at First Sight cast members Paige Banks and Chris Williams | Lifetime

Married at First Sight cast members Chris Williams rubbed a lot of viewers the wrong way during his introductory episode. Many of his initial comments about what he wants out of a woman and their future together felt outdated or unreasonable. 

“I want a woman that is not after me for my money. She is intelligent, submissive, sexy, good in bed, and a freak. And that seems like finding a needle in a haystack,” Williams told cameras during a talking head. 

Williams went on to say that he expects to have many children. His take on kids was a little strange — he seemed to view them as a part of his brand more than anything else. He even discussed “training them up” as if they’re employees.

“I want a max of seven kids. Your last name is your brand. Your last name is your business. Your goal as an owner of a business is to train up individuals who are up under you, so if you have kids, your job is to train them to replicate yourself,” Williams said. 

He went on to say that he wants to get his MAFS wife, Paige Banks, pregnant as soon as possible. 

‘Married at First Sight’ cast member interested in ex?

Sadly for Married at First Sight star Paige Banks, things with Chris Williams have only gotten hairier since the first episode. Williams recently dropped a major bomb on Banks — he’s talked to his ex about getting back together. 

Williams previously revealed that his ex may be pregnant, but told Paige Banks that his marriage to her on MAFS would take priority. That seems to have changed.

Williams informed his Married at First Sight partner that he’d reached out to his ex, and that he didn’t want someone else to be the effective father of his child. 

“What? Like, do you think you want to get back together with her?” asked Paige. 

Williams went ahead and made his intentions just about as unclear as possible. He said he wasn’t sure, but that he still loved his ex. 

‘MAFS’ star makes concerning social media post


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MAFS fans were already pretty set against Chris Williams as a husband for Paige Banks, but a recent social media post has them doubling down on that feeling. The Married at First Sight star took to social media to make what seemed to be a threat against haters. 

“You can’t have a big mouth like mine and not have some goons on deck! Please proceed my way with caution! This is ridiculous! When it comes to my safety there will be no grace! Let’s relax!” he wrote. 

Redditors were quick to call Chris Williams out on his post. One suggested that Williams is trying to throw around nonexistent clout. 

“He’s admitting that he’s a weak man who is aware that his mouth writes checks his hands can’t cash…so he surrounds himself with actual men. Closed Subway Chris…you are not a kingpin with goons, you’re a helpless child that they pity,” they wrote

“Oh I get it… He can’t take the heat so he doubled down and went after Dr. Pepper but that made it worse so now he’s going back to the victim position, talking about his safety like when he made up the death threat bit,” pointed out another user

“Chris acting like he’s in The Godfather: ‘Don’t ever ask me about my business.’ Everyone: ‘So this is awkward…which one, the one that closed or the one that never got off its feet?’” joked another Redditor