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Chris Williams and Paige Banks have shocked Lifetime fans since they first tied the knot on Married at First Sight season 12 in Atlanta. From Chris’ lack of attraction to Paige to his shocking announcement that he was expecting a baby with his recent ex-fiancée, many viewers were surprised that Chris and Paige were matched for the show at all.

No one has been more vocal about their disapproval of Chris than Jamie Otis – the Married at First Sight season 1 cast member who married Doug Hehner on the show. Now, Jamie hosts Married at First Sight: Unfiltered every week. But Chris didn’t take well to her “unfiltered” comments about him on social media.

Alexandra Palmer and Jamie Otis sitting down at the Miss NY competition in 2012
Alexandra Palmer and Jamie Otis in 2012 | Michael Stewart/WireImage

Chris and Paige had a rocky start to their marriage

Paige and Chris had an awkward time on their honeymoon, to say the least. After sleeping with Paige twice on their wedding night, Chris admitted that he wasn’t completely attracted to his bride.  

“I don’t think the attraction is fully there yet for me,” the Married at First Sight star told Paige in a painful heart-to-heart. Paige agreed that the “chemistry was off from the beginning,” but she seemed determined to make their marriage work.

Things only got worse when Chris revealed that his ex was six weeks pregnant with his baby. Paige admitted at first that she didn’t know if she could “move forward from this,” adding that she felt like “everything she wanted was just being taken away from her.”

“If today was Decision Day, what would you say?” Chris asked Paige over dinner.

“I’d probably have to walk away,” his wife confessed.

But eventually, the Married at First Sight couple agreed to stay together – at least for now – despite their many obstacles.

Jamie Otis criticized Chris Williams for his behavior

On Lifetime’s Married at First Sight Instagram account, Jamie made no bones about the fact that she didn’t trust Chris – especially not for Paige.

In one comment, she argued that Chris “raised red flag after red flag.” She also called him out for sleeping with his wife when he knew he wasn’t attracted to her.

Jamie was even harsher in another Instagram comment, writing straightforwardly, “I feel so bad bc I think Paige has been staying with Chris believing God brought them together. There is not a chance God wants her to stay in a marriage filled with deceit, lies, gas lighting…Not.a.chance! Girl, it’s ok to leave! THIS IS YOUR OUT! Take it and RUN!!!”


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Chris called Jamie out on social media

But Chris didn’t take Jamie’s criticism lying down. He took to the comments of her Instagram remarks to remind her that she, too, had a few issues when her marriage to Doug began.

Jamie famously wasn’t attracted to Doug on their wedding day, and she had a meltdown in her bridal gown before the reception. He also couldn’t resist mentioning her participation on The Bachelor before appearing on Married at First Sight.

“Did anyone tell your husband to run when you embarrassed him on national TV, crying and pouting like a 5 year old while still in your wedding dress at the altar?” Chris wrote. “Nothing no one has ever done to their spouse ever compares to that. After [your] two failed stints on The Bachelor? You and your husband’s story of redemption afterwards is amazing, but you would think there would be a little more grace from you.”

Still, several Married at First Sight fans pointed out that Jamie didn’t have any unexpected pregnancies or recent exes when she married Doug – so it really wasn’t comparable to Chris and Paige’s situation.

Nevertheless, Chris asked fans to “keep watching the show.” He assured them the “truth would come out in due time.”