‘Married at First Sight’: Christina Explains Her Living Situation in Instagram Comment

Married at First Sight fans were a little confused when Henry showed Christina his place. This was largely due to Christina’s reaction, which confused fans — she seemed unimpressed by Henry’s living situation, but went on to explain that she is living out of her car, effectively. The whole situation left fans wondering if Christina is currently homeless. However, some fans have an explanation that seems to fit the bill, and Christina has since backed it up on Instagram. 

Christina judges Henry’s pad, but has none of her own

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A recent episode of Married at First Sight had Henry showing Christina his digs. In typical Henry fashion, the reality star seemed anxious about showing her his home. He kept mentioning that it’s a studio apartment, obviously feeling self-conscious about it size. 

Christina didn’t do much to allay Henry’s fears, unfortunately. It didn’t take her long to start disparaging Henry’s digs for lack of decoration and sparseness. However, when it was Christina’s turn to show Henry her living situation, she revealed everything is in her car. 

Things only became more uncomfortable as the two dug into each other with their frustrations over the last two weeks. Christina feels as if talking to Henry is pulling teeth, and that she always has to initiate conversations. 

“It just feels [disingenuous]. It’s kind of ridiculous that everyone expects us to just have, like, flowing conversation… I always have to be the initiator, I always have to be the one — and he’s giving me nothing,” Christina said of their relationship so far.

‘Married at First Sight’ fans speculate

Married at First Sight fans were left totally confused by Christina’s living situation when they discovered she’s got her stuff in her car. Many wondered if Christina was actually homeless, or if there was something else at play. 

Some users were quick to realize that Christina’s living situation is probably a result of her unique work situation as a flight attendant. 

“She makes a low salary as a flight attendant as she’s only been doing it 2 years I think? So she stays at crashpads with other flight attendants and is essentially homeless with a job. It’s not unusual at the beginning of a flight career but she was super shady about it and would be a huge red flag for me about her ability to be honest,” wrote one Redditor.

“A flight attendant crash pad situation would make total sense, you basically just rent a bed and some storage space,” added another fan. 

Fans were also turned off by her willingness to judge despite her lack of a committed living space. 

“For someone who has nowhere to live, she was sure judgmental about their new free apartment,” wrote one Redditor. 

“I kept thinking she has a lot of opinions for someone who doesn’t even have a place,” wrote another Married at First Sight fan, echoing the sentiment.

Christina explains her living situation

Christina and Henry on Married at First Sight
Christina and Henry on Married at First Sight | Lady Portrait & Wedding Photography

Christina cleared the air on Instagram, commenting on a post and revealing that the speculation about her living situation as a flight attendant is spot on. 

“I’m a flight attendant and work a full schedule. I have stuff all over this country, some in storage, some at my mom’s house, I even have some stuff still at an old crashpad in Minneapolis,” wrote the Married at First Sight star.  

“I don’t expect for anyone to understand that doesn’t live a single, flight attendant life. It wouldn’t have made sense to me either before I started this profession!” she added.