‘Married at First Sight’: Did Brett Just Call Olivia and Henry Sociopaths?

Married at First Sight couple Brett and Olivia seemed like a bad match to most fans. It left many wondering what the experts were thinking. However, the couple was also somewhat polarizing when it came to deciding who the problem was — fans seemed to side with either Brett or Olivia. Interestingly, Christina and Henry had a similar situation, with fans falling hard on one side or the other. Now that the show has ended and the two couples have split, Brett is answering some questions — and he had a few choice words to say about both Olivia and Henry. 

Brett bailed on Olivia after COVID-19 disagreement

Olivia of Married at First Sight
Olivia of Married at First Sight | Kinetic Content

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It was clear to most Married at First Sight fans that Brett and Olivia were not a good match — and frankly, it seemed clear to the couple as well. Perhaps that’s why, when the two had a disagreement over COVID-19, Brett decided to simply cut his losses. 

The two lived together while under COVID-19 quarantine for some time, and according to Olivia, it did help them get to know each other better. However, the two couldn’t communicate much about COVID-19 due to Olivia’s work stress. 

“I’m in a hospital full of COVID, and when I came home, Brett would be watching the news. That was a tough time for us, having to sit down and say, ‘I know you want to watch the news, but I can’t anymore. I can’t think about COVID,’” she told New York Post

Eventually, Olivia decided she wanted to visit her family over the weekend amid the pandemic. Brett was uneasy with the idea, and didn’t want to put anyone involved at risk. He told Olivia he thought it was a bad idea. 

Olivia poked fun at Brett for his hesitation on the matter, suggesting he was scared. She went ahead and visited her family, and Brett decided it was time for him to leave. 

Henry and Christina had major trust issues

Christina and Henry of Married at First Sight
Christina and Henry of Married at First Sight | Lady Portrait & Wedding Photography

Meanwhile, Henry and Christina had issues of their own. The Married at First Sight couple was not on the same page when it came to communication at all. Christina wanted to talk more, about everything, and Henry wanted to say as little as possible. 

Eventually, things came to a head when the two started suspecting each other of going behind one another’s backs. 

“I’ve noticed a pattern of dishonesty. I noticed it kind of early on, and I kind of let it slide by. But I think it kind of prevented me opening up to her early on and just talking to her,” Henry told pastor Cal Roberson.

He then mentioned an instance when Christina was gone all night, allegedly helping her friend move furniture, and then not coming home. 

Meanwhile, Christina speculated on Henry’s sexuality, claiming she received a text from a man who said Henry was cheating on her with him. Suffice it to say, the two did not work out.

Brett makes implications about ‘Married at First Sight’ castmates

Brett and Olivia of Married at First Sight | Julie Verlinden Photography

Brett recently did an AmA on Reddit during which he dished on his Married at First Sight experience. While he couldn’t discuss certain aspects of production and filming, he did have some interesting comments to make about how the cast interacted and behaved. 

When one Married at First Sight fan asked Brett how he’d feel about Olivia and Henry dating, he replied, “I think that they deserve each other.”

“[T]hat they do, just because you are polite to everyone doesn’t make you kind,” replied another commenter. 

“For real! A lot of people don’t seem to get this. I’d rather you be an a**hole with a heart of gold than a polite smiling sociopath,” Brett wrote back. 

While he didn’t call Henry and Olivia sociopaths directly, it’s certainly a dig,