‘Married at First Sight’: Are Doug and Jamie Still Together?

Married at First Sight has seen a lot of couples get married and split up. Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner were one of the first couples to go through the experiment. They got off to a rocky start as Otis wasn’t attracted to Hehner on their wedding day. Since then, the two have been through a number of trials, including mistrust and mental health issues. Are they still together in 2021?

'Married at First Sight' couple Doug Hehner in a blue collared shirt and Jamie Otis in a yellow dress
Doug Hehner and Jamie Otis | Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Are Doug and Jamie from ‘Married at First Sight’ still together?

Otis and Hehner are still together and trying to make things work between them, however, in May, Otis revealed she had been having a hard time trusting her spouse. On an episode of their podcast, Hot Marriage. Cool Parents, Otis revealed that she has caught Hehner in lies before and didn’t know if she could rely on him.

After the podcast was released, she revealed on Instagram that the two weren’t in a great place.

“7 years married & we’re going through another pretty rough patch. (Who isn’t after a global pandemic?!” she wrote in a lengthy caption about the stages of their marriage on Instagram. “I had this mental breakdown a couple of weeks ago and since then Doug & I have been really trying. We aren’t giving up on each other🙏❤️⁣ So yeah, our grass isn’t always green. But we both vowed to water the ish outta it ’til it’s vibrant with life again🙏🌱.”

Why did Doug and Jamie share their troubles?

It’s been two months since Otis revealed their marital issues, and the two don’t regret sharing so much with their audience.

“When we started to really open up and share our real life, we were met with an overwhelming response of gratitude,” Otis told HollywoodLife. “Those that were going through some of the same issues started to feel less alone, and felt they finally had a voice and a way to better communicate their own issues.”

“Mental health is no different,” Otis continued. “In fact, it is arguably the most important topic to share, not just for those who have mental health issues, but for their friends and loved ones to better understand and/or empathize with those who have mental health issues. It has all been swept under the rug for too long, and not sharing doesn’t help anyone. H—, the majority of our fans have been with us for the same amount of time we’ve known each other. They witnessed everything right from the start, and we believe they appreciate the honesty!”


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How are Doug and Jamie post-‘Married at First Sight’?

Opening up about how they are feeling has only helped Otis and Hehner’s relationship.

“That’s what I love about her, she wears her heart on her sleeve,” Hehner told the outlet. “I am not a great sharer (if that’s a word), and certainly not great at being vulnerable and sharing about my issues. It has always been uncomfortable for me because I am so used to putting on an ‘Everything is Fine’ face. That type of communication has become far less uncomfortable to talk about because of Jamie. I am beyond grateful to have Jamie in my life!”