‘Married at First Sight’: Elizabeth Bice Claims Jamie Thompson ‘Saved Her Life’ After Vicious Dog Attack

Elizabeth Bice and Jamie Thompson were one of the most tumultuous couples on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight season 9 in Charlotte, North Carolina. While the couple had explosive chemistry and seemed to hit it off right away, they also had plenty of arguments – like the infamous “basic Caucasian sex” confrontation and Beth’s table-shoving blowup.

Since then, however, Beth and Jamie have come a long way. They moved to Northern California together and even started to talk about having kids in the future. The stress of quarantine only brought them closer together.

Recently, the Married at First Sight pair had a harrowing experience that solidified their bond even more. Elizabeth took to Instagram to describe a dog attack that left both her and her dog, Dharma, terrified, shaken, and injured. The 34-year-old praised her husband, calling him a hero and thanking him for allegedly saving her life.

Elizabeth revealed that her husband saved her from a dog attack

On October 18, Elizabeth revealed that she and Dharma were allegedly attacked and injured by an unknown dog. Dharma required surgery and hospitalization, while Beth’s hand was broken in the incident.

In an emotional Instagram post, Beth said her feelings toward her husband had permanently changed after the harrowing attack. Now, after seeing what he was willing to do to protect his family, she trusted and respected him more than ever before.

“To this man right here,” Beth began her post, accompanied by a photo of Jamie. “I seriously cry looking at these photos.”

“Yesterday Dharma and myself were attacked by a pit bull breed of dog,” the Married at First Sight star alleged, adding that she would “leave that there for [readers] to make their own opinions.”

Praising Jamie for being so brave in a moment of pure fear, Elizabeth continued, “But this man seriously did some super human sh*t yesterday. I look at my husband way differently today. He saved our lives yesterday. I don’t know how he got to us so fast but I am beyond lucky to have both of these to wake up to today.”

Later in the post, she added gratefully, “I don’t want to think about if he would have not been here what would have happened.”

As for the dog’s owner, the Married at First Sight star didn’t give many details, except to allege that they refused to help in the wake of the attack.

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She said she was in ‘total shock’ but doing well in recovery

In the wake of the attack, Elizabeth added a few more details about her own injury – a partially-broken hand – and her dog’s hospitalization.

“I’m still in shock and those images will be forever imprinted in my brain,” the Married at First Sight star admitted. “Dharma is safe, out of surgery, and I suffered a few small broken hand bones. My little family is strong and this will only make us so much stronger. But holy f*** I’ve never seen a dog turn like that in my 31 years on this earth…Shits so real I can’t even hashtag this.”

In an Instagram Live, a visibly-shaken Elizabeth and Jamie sat together on the couch at home and let their followers know they might be “MIA for a second” while they got some much-needed rest and healing.

“Dharma is recovering at home,” Elizabeth said. “She just got out of surgery.”

“I’m in total shock,” she added. “I didn’t know pit bulls could do that…We’re just gonna get her better, it’s a lot.” Jamie, too, looked exhausted (but, of course, relieved) in the aftermath of the incident.

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The ‘Married at First Sight’ star’s castmates and fans shared messages of support

While most Married at First Sight fans had only supportive words for Jamie and Elizabeth, some critics chided Elizabeth for seemingly casting aspersions on all pit bulls. Several of Elizabeth’s Instagram followers weren’t happy that she seemed to make negative comments about the breed.

“Dogs are a direct representation of their owners,” one Instagram user argued. “I blame the owners for that dog attacking you and your pup.” In response to some of the criticism, Elizabeth agreed that the dog in question was not at fault – but the owner was culpable.

Several of Elizabeth’s castmates added their own messages of support to her Instagram post.

Married at First Sight alum Amber Bowles, who apparently witnessed the attack herself, commented, “So thankful Dharma is safe! I love all of you.”

Shawniece Jackson sent Elizabeth and Dharma her “blessings and positive energy,” while Jamie Otis wrote, “Oh my gosh! So glad you’re both ok! Sending you lots of love!”

Jessica Studer also had some kind words for her fellow cast member, writing, “So scary! Glad you guys are safe and have each other!”

Even the Married at First Sight experts wanted to let Elizabeth and Jamie know they were thankful everyone was safe and sound.

“Wow!!! So glad you’re good. My man @jamie_the_hubby! Protect your family!!” Pastor Cal Roberson commented.

Meanwhile, Dr. Viviana Coles wrote, “I’m so very glad to see that you will all be safe after such a terrifying attack. Thankful you had help close by. WAY TO GO @jamie_the_hubby.”

Since her initial post about the attack, Beth has shared photos and videos of Dharma on her Instagram stories to reassure followers she’s still been doing well.