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Married at First Sight fans have had an interesting split to content with when it comes to successful and unsuccessful couples. Olivia and Brett as well as Christina and Henry are clear failures by now, and Amelia and Bennett alongside Miles and Amani seem like they’re in it for the long haul. Meanwhile, Karen and Miles always seemed to be landing on the middle, more uncertain path. 

Fans weren’t sure if the two would last, especially after Amani admitted she found Miles’ sensitivity off putting. Now, as the couples near Decision Day, some things remain murky. But fans are pointing out that even during moments of uncertainty, Miles and Karen were always able to pull off matching wardrobes — and some think this is a sign they’re on the same page. 

Karen wasn’t sure about Miles’ sensitivity

Miles has been very open with Karen about his emotions and mental health. While many Married at First Sight fans felt that his sensitivity was refreshing and a sign of emotional maturity, Karen was put off. 

The Married at First Sight star confessed that Miles might not be masculine enough for her, based on his comments regarding his depressive spells. Fans weren’t pleased, with many feeling as if Karen’s idea of masculinity was outdated and toxic. 

“This is not something I expected to hear on my honeymoon. It does trigger a red flag for me, like, I wanted a really masculine male, and I do wonder about how strong our marriage will be able to be — and if I will be able to support him,” she said.

Karen went on to tell Dr. Pepper that she felt as if Miles might have too many “feminine traits,” and that Miles spends too much time talking about his feelings. 

Miles struggled with Karen’s intimacy preferences

Miles of Married at First Sight
Miles of Married at First Sight | Kinetic Content

The Married at First Sight couple also struggled with issues around sex and intimacy. While Miles was prepared to take their relationship to a physically intimate place, Karen preferred to take things much slower. 

Eventually, Karen and Miles took sex off the table for a while to focus on their relationship in other terms. 

“I do not want a toxic man just because I’ve chosen to move at a slower pace with Miles than many other women would have,” clarified Karen in an exclusive Showbiz CheatSheet interview

“Nor do I view someone being kind or expressing their emotions as a negative thing. Those are great qualities to me, but too much of a good thing can also be bad. I want balance and wanted to ensure Miles and I could have that balance with one another.”

‘Married at First Sight’ fans notice they often match

Miles and Karen of Married at First Sight
Miles and Karen of Married at First Sight | Kinetic Content

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Though Karen and Miles have had their own Married at First Sight speedbumps to overcome, the two do seem to share an emotional bond at the heart of their relationship. Fans of the show have noticed this, and it especially shines through in their oft-matched outfits. 

“I usually don’t like couples matching at all, but they do it so well and so subtly that they turn the usual corniness into something chic. Whatever else about her, Karen’s style game is always on point,” wrote one Redditor

“I think they’re matching too based on the sneak peak for decision day. She is wearing a red dress, he’s in a bluish suit but with a red pocket square. Could be by chance, could be deliberate, who knows. I just found it interesting,” added another user. 

Not all fans are sure it’s an intentional move, but one user has suggested Miles is came up with the idea, and Karen is the one choosing the outfit of the day.

“Since he’s such a hype man for her, I think he probably waits to see what she picks out, and then styles himself accordingly,” they suggested.