‘Married at First Sight’: Fans Are Sick of the ‘Rate Your Marriage’ Activity, Using Brett and Olivia as an Example

Reality television shows are all the hype these days, and it almost seems as if the concepts get more far-fetched as time goes on. Even so, fans love a good reality show with plenty of drama, which probably explains exactly why Married at First Sight has proven to be wildly popular since the day that it first debuted. On the show, couples actually get married to someone that they have never even met. Identities are not even revealed until the couple lays eyes on each other for the first time at the altar, and we can only imagine just how nerve-wracking this must be.

After all, couples who have known each other for years on end are nervous about getting married, so tying the knot with a complete stranger must take the nervousness to an entirely new level. Every reality show has its own unique twists and rules for what the participants can or can’t do, and on Married at First Sight, the ‘rate your marriage activity’ is something that is used. But now, fans are saying that they are sick of this particular activity, and they use Brett and Olivia as an example.

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What is the ‘rate your marriage activity’?

Ask most couples who have exchanged vows in the past few days how the marriage is going, and most of them would tell you that things are absolutely great. However, when couples are just meeting each other at their own wedding, things often turn out to be a little different. So, what is the ‘rate your marriage’ activity? Well, on Married at First Sight, during the course of the show, the producers ask the couple to rate their marriage on a scale of 1-10, and as anyone can imagine, it can get more than a bit awkward. After all, not too many people ever think that they are going to “score” their relationship, but when they are on the show, that is exactly what they are required to do.

Does the production team do this to add to the drama?

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Just about any reality show is packed with drama. This is pretty much a requirement in order to keep things as interesting as possible. So, does the production team require couples to rate their marriages in order to add to all the drama? Fans seem to think so! Doing the activity brings out the most honest opinions that anyone could possibly have, and at times, it can even stir the pot a little. Everyone wants to think that by appearing on the show, they will get their “fairy tale” marriage, and not surprisingly, this isn’t always the case. Chances are, the producers love all the drama and climactic moments, and they feel that having participants engage in this activity just makes it all the more delightful for fans to watch.

Fans are sick of the ‘rate your marriage’ activity, and they use Brett and Olivia as an example

While the activity definitely adds to the drama, it turns out that fans are growing quite tired of it. How so? Well, Brett and Olivia were recently used as an example when this season, producers had everyone rate their marriage not only within earshot of their new spouses but within five days of the wedding. This can create quite a tense situation, and fans weren’t really happy with what they saw.

Some fans on Reddit even say that it is the “most ridiculous producer-led exercise” on the show and that they were “surprised” that Brett was the only one who refused to participate in the activity. Fans were quick to note how Brett said the activity was “dumb” and they aren’t hiding their feelings about how ridiculous they think it is, and they feel that “nothing productive will come out of it.” Hopefully, there will be new ways to add to the excitement, and fans will be more than happy with what unfolds.