‘Married at First Sight’ Fans React to [Spoiler]’s Decision Day Proposal, Calls the Couple ‘Toxic’

Experts matched Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs. But their differences caused a lot of heated discussions between them and ultimatums during their season of Married at First Sight. Some fans aren’t happy about how Erik ended Decision Day.

[Warning spoilers for Marriage at First Sight!]

This ‘Married at First Sight’ husband proposed again on Decision Day

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Virginia and Erik struggled this season due to their different lifestyles. Virginia has a big friend group with who she still prioritizes. Erik is older, so he’s less focused on drinking with friends. They also fought over how they wanted to parent their dogs. They also didn’t fully agree on values and having children in the future.

Erik addressed these issues on Decision Day. “I can’t say 100% that I know what her answer’s gonna be today,” he told the experts. “I don’t because there’s walls up with her still. There’s no doubt with that.” 

He continued, ”And we have a level of love with each other that I think we’re both on the same page on, but we’re not at that maximum where she’s allowed me to come into her life fully.” The pilot said he’s still not her number one person but wants to be.

Virginia said it’s been hard for her because she’s been single for five years. She admitted she has a guard up. The experts then asked them for their decision. 

Erik went on to propose to Virginia, saying their highs outweigh the lows. He said it had been one of the greatest experiences of his life, and he wouldn’t change a thing. Virginia accepted the proposal.

‘Married at First Sight’ fans are’nt happy about Erik’s Decision Day proposal 

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Some fans weren’t thrilled about this moment. “I hate that Erik put Virginia on the spot like that. #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight,” one fan tweeted.

“Quiet as it’s kept, Erik and Virginia are just as toxic as Chris [Williams] and Paige [Banks]…#MAFS,” another fan tweeted

It’s not surprising some fans are comparing these marriages. Erik has been quick to point out what he perceives to be flaws in his wife. He tried to push her to get obedience training for her dog, which she disagrees with. Their argument got so heated that it triggered her anxiety. 

Erik also revealed he wants kids while Virginia is on the fence. He said if she doesn’t want kids, then he’s leaving the marriage. 

Ultimately, they have decided to continue their marriage. The experts were quick to congratulate them. “We have been so thrilled with the way that you’ve handled yourself through the adversities of a new marriage, for sure, through the adversities of this process,” Dr. Viviana Coles told them. She said the experts love that they’ve chosen each other and wish them the best.