‘Married at First Sight’ Fans Disgusted by Henry’s Father

Married at First Sight fans weren’t so sure how to feel about Christina and Henry as a matched pair at first, but now it seems as if their focus has shifted to another target. After seeing how Henry’s father behaved on national television, many viewers are starting to feel as if some of Henry’s behavior makes more sense now. What’s more, fans of the show were not impressed by what they saw. 

Fans thought Henry and Christina were a bad match 

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Henry seemed uncomfortable from the get-go when it came to his Married at First Sight marriage. In fact, he made such a poor first impression with Christina that she forgot his name. 

At first, many fans seemed to feel the two were not a good match, and that the experts had missed the mark. One Redditor commented, “Maybe not the best idea to get married … at first sight … on national TV when you’ve clearly never had a relationship and can hardly talk, let alone participate in or carry a conversation. I feel bad for Christina.”

“Henry shouldn’t be on a show like this. Experts [and] producers made a poor choice, now they play clown music when they are the ones who cast him. Decent guy, just not TV ready,” opined another user.

One Redditor suggested that Olivia would be a better match, writing, “If I could have a time machine and change anything in the past I’d change the matches and make Henry and Olivia be together. Seriously it’s almost sad they didn’t get match, I really think they would have been perfect.”

Henry’s father rags on Henry on ‘Married at First Sight’

Married at First Sight fans were shocked when Henry’s own father began to put him down repeatedly in front of his new wife, Christina. To say the least, it was an unexpected turn of events, as marriage is typically meant to be a happy occasion. 

In one notably awkward exchange, his father told Christina that she should have no problem asserting dominance over Henry, given how quiet and withdrawn he seems to be.

During Christina’s meeting with his parents, she learned from his father that Henry is allegedly a momma’s boy, and is also very hairy. It seems as if Henry’s father’s main source of humor is put-downs. 

When Henry and Christina got married, Henry’s father gave a speech in which he discussed, once more, how Henry is a momma’s boy. He went on to explain that Henry has allegedly had no responsibility in his life until getting married. 

‘MAFS’ fans react to what went down

Christina and Henry on Married at First Sight
Christina and Henry on Married at First Sight | Lady Portrait & Wedding Photography

Many Married at First Sight fans seemed shocked by how much time Henry’s father spent putting down his son. 

One Redditor posted, “He is downright hateful toward his own son. I don’t know if he thinks he’s funny or what, but I think he’s awful.”

“Yeah I was just saying in another post that his dad literally has an issue with him because he is the total opposite of him in terms of personality. Or it could be that he developed his quiet/reserved persona from being made fun of by his dad?” asked another user. 

Added another user, “His dad was terrible at the wedding but I thought maybe he was nervous but after seeing the brunch with Christina he’s definitely awful. It doesn’t seem so strange that Henry is very quiet and passive after dealing with that his whole life.”

One user called the MAFS star’s father disgraceful, writing, “As I just wrote on another sub, I think Henry’s dad is disgraceful. He wants all eyes to be on him, and doesn’t care what he says, if he thinks it will bring him a laugh. I would think that having a parent like that would be extremely damaging to a child’s sense of worth. The end result? Someone like Henry, who seems to have a real lack of self-confidence.”