‘Married at First Sight’ Fans Thank Dr. Viviana Coles for ‘Speaking up’ Against Chris on Decision Day

Chris Williams and Paige Banks’ marriage was almost doomed from the start. This season of Married at First Sight took a turn when he found out he was expecting a baby with someone else. Fans predicted their session on Decision Day would be easy, but things almost changed. Fans are now thanking Dr. Viviana Coles for speaking up after the finale aired.

[Warning spoilers for Married at First Sight’s finale!]

Chris’s big reveal on ‘Married at First Sight’ almost changed everything

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Paige said she knew at the wedding their connection was off. She then said their marriage became too much when he found out he was expecting a child with someone else. Dr. Coles asked Paige why she kept coming back.

“I was hopeful. I think at that time I was confusing the idea of marriage and falling in love with the idea of marriage so much that I was kind of losing myself in the process,” she answered.

Chris told her she was the “best thing I never cherished.” He told her she was everything he wanted in a wife. The experts immediately looked at each other, confused by this. Paige said she has been waiting to hear this and appreciated this. Chris then revealed his ex-fiancé had a miscarriage and walked out, and Paige followed him. 

They returned together, and Paige admitted she was considering staying in the marriage. Pastor Calvin Roberson reminded them they had issues before the pregnancy. Chris admitted there were issues of attraction, but he has feelings for Paige now.

The experts eventually asked the married couple what they’re deciding to do about their marriage. “I think that we are undecided,” Chris answered. 

Dr. Viviana Coles calls out Chris Williams on Decision Day

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Chris began to talk about how they might be the first couple to stay undecided for the show’s finale. But Dr. Coles quickly put a stop to this.

“No, I’m not OK with this. I’m not OK with this. I’m being very honest with you,” she told them. “I can’t give you a decision, and she can’t give you a decision neither,” Chris claimed. “I feel like you’re doing this to play with her and now to play with us,” Dr. Coles said. 

Paige explained that she wanted to give her marriage a shot because it never made it past the honeymoon. But eventually, she walked out and talked to someone else involved with the show. “She looked at me like she wants out, like pleading with her eyes,” Dr. Coles told Dr. Pepper Schwartz during this time. 

Paige and Chris returned to make their final decision. “Just for my emotional and mental health, I think I need to go ahead and not stay married,” she said. The experts thanked her for her decision. 

‘Married at First Sight’ fans are thanking Dr. Viviana Coles

Dr. Viviana Coles has a ponytail and is wearing a pink dress sitting on 'Married at First Sight'
Dr. Viviana Coles on ‘Married at First Sight’ | Kinetic Content

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Fans seem grateful for Dr. Coles speaking up. She posted a video on Instagram lighting a candle. 

“Yesss Doctor Viviana, thanks for speaking up for us when it came to Chris & Paige ‘I feel like you’re doing this to play with her, and to play with us.’ The Chris’s [sic] in the world are a serious piece of work that only God can help and I feel sorry that the nice ones like Paige fall for their bull,” one fan commented.

“Thank you for saying what America was thinking. That took guts,” another fan wrote.

It looks like many fans were hoping the marriage between Chris and Paige would stop. Things might have played out differently if Dr. Coles wasn’t honest with them.