‘Married at First Sight’: Fans Turn Against Henry, Feel He’s Giving Christina ‘Breadcrumbs’

Married at First Sight fans have been on a real emotional rollercoaster when it comes to watching Christina and Henry. The couple did not mesh well from the get go, and fans kept feeling tugged back and forth between which one of the two was the one messing things up. At first, many seemed to think Christina was being too hard on Henry, but recently Henry has been losing face with fans, who feel as if after all this time he’s given Christina almost nothing to work with. 

Christina had trouble getting Henry to talk 

Christina and Henry of Married at First Sight
Christina and Henry of Married at First Sight | Lady Portrait & Wedding Photography

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From the outset, Christina and Henry had communication issues. When the two spent their first night together after their marriage, there were plenty of awkward silences and stiffness. 

Married at First Sight fans noticed right away that Christina did most of the talking, and that she had to frequently prompt Henry for answers about a variety of things. Meanwhile, Henry seemed more passive and less adventurous. 

When the two were dining together during a recent episode, Christina lost her cool with Henry, who seemed totally uninterested in conversation. 

“Is there a list of questions that I can just have so we can go back and forth, because…it’s too difficult right now,” she asked a nearby producer. There was no list. 

“I always have to be the bad guy, I always have to be the initiator, I always have to like, be the one, cause you’re just giving me nothing. What do I, what…I don’t…do you have something?” she asked Henry afterwards. 

Henry replied, “I’ll have to think about it.” Obviously still frustrated, Christina excused herself to use the bathroom. 

‘Married at First Sight’ fans are getting irritated with Henry 

Christina isn’t the only one getting sick of Henry’s passionless answers. Married at First Sight fans are beginning to feel fed up too. One annoyed fan described Henry as giving Christina mere “breadcrumbs.”

“The way he is treating Christina is terrible. Just stringing her [along]. Breadcrumbing her. Giving her constant mixed signals. Always making HER seem like the issue. It’s disgusting,” they posted on Reddit.

One fan pointed out that Henry seems to enjoy getting catty with his friends, something they didn’t enjoy about the reality star. 

“Henry only seems happy when he is talking sh*t about someone behind their back,” they added. 

“Yea, he’s so hard to watch at this point. Way too many people infantilize him like he’s not a grown a** man. It’s weird,” pointed out another fan. 

Olivia’s mother thinks he’s a good match 

Meanwhile, another Married at First Sight star’s mother thinks Henry would have been a good match for her daughter. 

“You can just tell Henry is one of the good guys! I wish he would have been matched with my daughter!” she wrote

Fans of the show weren’t in agreement, however. Many suggested that he had problems he needed to work out on his own before dating anyone else. Others pointed out that Olivia’s lifestyle isn’t that different from Christina’s — she enjoys traveling and exploring just as much.