‘Married at First Sight’: Henry Claims Christina Lied Almost Immediately After They Tied the Knot on Decision Day, Accuses Her of Blackmail

Henry Rodriguez and Christina had one of the most tumultuous marriages on season 11 of Lifetime’s Married at First Sight, and their final meeting on Decision Day (which aired on October 28) was no exception.

After arguing for four months about everything from Christina’s accusation that Henry might have had an affair with another man – a claim she said originated from a mysterious text from a stranger – to Henry’s unwillingness to make any moves on his wife, their rocky journey finally came to an end.

Christina and Henry traded frustrated jabs on Decision Day, with Henry accusing his wife of blackmailing him and Christina expressing her sense of betrayal about her husband’s rejection of her over the past four months.

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Christina said she and Henry never ‘clicked romantically’

Christina often seemed to waffle on her interest in Henry throughout Married at First Sight season 11. She called his lack of confidence a potential “dealbreaker,” but she also seemed to hope he would take the initiative to get more physically and emotionally intimate with her.

The 30-year-old flight attendant’s sense of indecision about her marriage appeared to carry over into Decision Day. Christina told Lifetime producers shortly beforehand that she was “still going back and forth” on her choice.

When the Married at First Sight experts asked both Henry and Christina to reflect on what had gone wrong in their relationship, Christina’s main complaint was that she and Henry had never “clicked romantically.” She often didn’t feel that Henry would put in the effort or that he was at all attracted to her.

“I never really felt wanted by you,” Christina told her husband with tears welling up in her eyes.  

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Henry accused his wife of trying to hold the alleged text over his head

Meanwhile, in addition to their poor communication and frequent misunderstandings, Henry revealed that he was tired of the “excuses” and alleged “dishonesty” from his wife throughout the process.

In fact, the Married at First Sight star claimed that Christina’s alleged dishonesty had started the day after their initial check-in during the honeymoon. It was when Henry called his wife out on a lie that, according to him, he saw a different side of her. It was Christina’s reaction to being called out that made him feel he didn’t want to make a move on her throughout the process, so as not to send her mixed signals.

Henry, a 35-year-old clinical recruiter, also still didn’t believe that Christina had ever truly received the infamous text about his alleged same-sex affair from an unknown person with a New Orleans phone number. When he asked his wife to show him the text, she claimed it had already been deleted – a story he didn’t quite buy.

Dr. Pepper Schwartz agreed with Henry, gently suggesting that Christina might have accepted the claims about Henry’s sexuality as a “ready explanation” because she was so “hurt and wounded” by his lack of sexual interest in her.

But the couple’s problems didn’t stop there. Although Henry said he didn’t want to be “dramatic” and claim he was being “blackmailed,” he did insist that Christina had threatened to reveal the alleged text in question if he didn’t play nice on camera.

“You threatened to hold it over my head,” he told Christina, who wholeheartedly denied the claim.

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Both ‘Married at First Sight’ stars agreed to a divorce

Dr. Viviana Coles asked both Henry and Christina to apologize for what they’d done wrong over the course of their brief marriage. Henry apologized for making his wife feel unwanted. Christina, in turn, apologized for the way she handled the mystery text issue.

Needless to say, their issues were still far from resolved, and it was clear that both spouses had lingering wounds and resentment.

Both Married at First Sight stars said they wanted a divorce on Decision Day. Henry said there were too many problems he simply “couldn’t get past.” Christina agreed, saying it would be a “disservice to both of them” to try to continue their marriage.