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Henry Rodriguez and Christina seemed like an unlikely match to many fans right after their wedding on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight Season 11 in New Orleans. Henry’s reserved, introverted personality seemed to clash with Christina’s desire for a take-charge man right away.

The fledgling relationship between Henry, a 35-year-old clinical recruiter, and Christina, a 30-year-old flight attendant, didn’t improve over the following weeks. In a counseling session with Dr. Viviana Coles, Christina complained that Henry wasn’t taking any initiative to be physically intimate with her. And Christina’s comments about Henry’s lack of confidence being a “dealbreaker” seemed to shut him down even more.

In Distractify’s sneak peek of the Sept. 30 episode of Married at First Sight — filmed at the one-month anniversary mark for the five couples — Henry’s friend, Kristin, paid him a visit to express even more concerns about his marriage to Christina.

Henry Rodriguez
Henry Rodriguez | Photo via Kinetic Content

Henry wondered if Christina’s ‘confidence’ comment was a dig at him

During a heart-to-heart conversation with his friend Kristin in the Married at First Sight preview, Henry opened up about how Christina’s remarks about valuing confidence in a partner above all else had affected him.

“She said a lack of confidence is a big turn-off,” the Married at First Sight star told his friend.

“Did you think that was a passive-aggressive dig at you?” Kristin wondered aloud.

Henry admitted he’d wondered that himself. Still, he wasn’t sure that it was truly Christina’s intention to hurt him. What’s more, Henry knew he had quite a few flaws of his own.

“I am aware that to be with me is not the easiest,” the Married at First Sight star confessed. “I get I’m hard to read, I get I’m withdrawn, I get I’m monotone.” He added that he wasn’t always affectionate, which probably made it hard for his wife to get to know him on a deeper level.

Kristin listened intently to Henry’s self-deprecating list of character qualities before warning him not to “feed into his insecurities” by assuming everything about his personality had to be “negative.”

“If that’s who you are, it’s not a bad thing,” Kristin told Henry kindly.

The ‘Married at First Sight’ star expressed doubts about his marriage

As for his marriage to Christina, Henry knew it wasn’t on the right track just yet. He told his friend that he and his wife were so radically different from each other, it was hard to get a handle on how to proceed with the relationship.

“I think we just frustrate each other a bunch with that,” the Married at First Sight star said of Christina and Henry’s major differences.

Kristin, who met Christina at the housewarming party, agreed that she didn’t see many points of alignment between Henry and his bride. She didn’t seem too optimistic about Henry’s future with Christina.

“I don’t know if those are differences that necessarily can complement one another,” she mused.

Still, Henry was committed to taking time to get to know his wife and give his marriage a fair shot. He told Kristin he wanted to take things “day by day” and see if the chemistry between the couple could build up over time.


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Kristin told Henry Christina’s treatment of the Lifetime production crew was ‘out of line’

In addition to echoing Henry’s doubts about his Married at First Sight match, Kristin pointed out that Christina’s treatment of Lifetime producers and the production crew might say something negative about her character.

Recalling a blunt exchange Christina had with the crew in which she called their requests “dumb” and “ridiculous,” Kristin told Henry, “The way she spoke to production was completely out of line.”

Kristin acknowledged that being “frustrated, annoyed, or agitated” was likely natural during an intense, overwhelming process like marrying a stranger on national television. Still, she told Henry, that wasn’t an excuse to treat the crew poorly.

“It’s how you handle that frustration and agitation,” she told Henry sagely, “and I don’t see that aligning with how you treat people and how you speak to people. It just made me a little bit uncomfortable.”

As for Henry and Christina’s marriage, Kristin made it clear that she was far from optimistic.

“I just don’t really see it,” she said straightforwardly.

Kristin told Married at First Sight producers that she didn’t want her dear friend to end up “emotionally unfulfilled” if he felt pressured to change himself too much for Christina.

“I don’t want to see Henry getting in a situation where he changes himself to make it work…that is my reservation,” she said worriedly.

Historically, fans have not looked kindly on cast members who treated Lifetime producers and crew members badly – such as Brandon Reid from Married at First Sight Season 10. Christina’s conflicts with production might just be the nail in the coffin in terms of fans’ perceptions of her.