‘Married at First Sight’: Here’s Where You Can Follow the Season 11 Cast on Social Media

With the season finale of Lifetime’s Married at First Sight season 11 approaching on October 28, many fans have wondered where they can follow the Married at First Sight cast on social media.

Many of the cast members keep their Instagram and Twitter accounts private until after the season has aired, when they often go public for fans. Still, you might want to bookmark some of the participants’ handles for now and follow them after the season wraps.

Miles Williams
Miles Williams | Kinetic Content

Miles Williams

Miles Williams, a 26-year-old educator, married 30-year-old Karen Landry, an associate manager at a hospital.

Karen doesn’t appear to have any recognizable, active social media accounts. Miles has both Instagram (@themileswill) and Twitter (@themileswill) accounts, where he pays tribute to his education at Elon and the University of Chicago. (By the way, his Twitter name at the time of writing was “Bennett Kirschner stan account,” in honor of his Married at First Sight castmate.)

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Olivia Cornu

Olivia Cornu, a 30-year-old nurse practitioner, is showing off her face mask in her Instagram profile picture (@olivia_cornu). There’s also more information about her medical career at Tulane University’s website.

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Brett Lindsey

Brett Lindsey, Olivia’s husband, is the only Married at First Sight season 11 star with public social media accounts (at the time of this article’s writing).

The 35-year-old systems administrator has a defunct-since-2011 (but technically still public and active) Twitter @bmlindsey, where he describes himself as the “proud owner of two turntables and a microphone,” but he now tweets at @hats_for_cats. He also contributes to the gaming blog The Nerding Grounds.

Meanwhile, on his Instagram, @bee_lind, Brett describes himself as a “reality TV martyr” and “villain extraordinaire” in a cheeky nod to his appearance on the show.

Amelia Fatsi

Amelia Fatsi, a 27-year-old MD and infamously free spirit, has a currently private Instagram account, @ameliafatsi (with a profile picture of herself playing music, naturally).

Bennett Kirschner

Bennett, Amelia’s husband, doesn’t have any active social media accounts that we could find. But you can find out more about his career as a playwright, director, and singer/songwriter at his website. For example, the 28-year-old got his MFA in playwriting from the University of New Orleans, runs a theatre collective known as Intramural Theater, and is part of a 12-piece pop-funk band TV Pole Shine.

Amani Aliyya

Amani Aliyya, a 29-year-old professional in the nonprofit sector, tweets at @_EasyAA. On her Instagram, @_easyaa, her characteristically fun-yet-practical bio reads, “Give me a margarita with my planner and watch me conquer the world.”

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Woody Randall

An extroverted teacher, administrator, and coach, Amani’s husband Woody Randall quickly became one of the fan-favorite cast members this season. His Instagram handle is @mrabove. The 30-year-old is also featured on Baylor University’s website for his record as a student athlete in track & field.

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Henry Rodriguez

Henry Rodriguez, a 35-year-old clinical recruiter, is looking spiffy in a suit on his Instagram profile picture at @hrodrigueziv. His wife, 30-year-old flight attendant Christina, used to have a recognizable Instagram account, but it’s since been deleted – possibly due to the buzz created by the show.