‘Married at First Sight’: How Mindy Shiben Ditched Her Wedding Dress and Traitorous Friend Lindsay

Zach Justice and Mindy Shiben were one of the most talked-about couples on season 10 of Married at First Sight. Almost from the first day of their marriage, fans predicted that this couple would not be staying together after the show was over. During their marriage, Mindy had to deal with trust issues, feelings of abandonment, and one of her best friends trying to steal her man.

On the season finale, fans were not surprised to hear the couple announce that they would not be staying together. So, what did Shiben decide to do with her wedding dress and her traitorous friends after her divorce? Here is what Mindy had to say about the entire process.

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Mindy Shiben | Married At First Sight via Instagram

Zach Justice and Mindy Shiben faced several problems throughout their marriage

In the first episode, Mindy and Zach looked like a match made in Heaven. They both looked very happy as they were reciting their vows and pledging to love and cherish a complete stranger. But it wasn’t long after the wedding that the honeymoon stage was already over.

During their five-week marriage, Zach had refused to move into the same house with his new bride. He had also said on several occasions that he was not physically attracted to Mindy, and he accused her of being dishonest, but would never really tell her what she did that was so dishonest.

Throughout it all, Mindy still tried to work things out with Zach and truly tried to be the best wife that she could be. However, Zach just never seemed to want to try to work on the marriage. Later, Mindy realized that Zach had actually been talking to one of her friends behind her back. When she confronted Zach about this, he denied that there was anything inappropriate going on with Lindsey, which later turned out to be a lie.

In an interview with Pop Culture, Mindy admitted that it was Zach’s “constant deception” that finally made her realize their relationship was not going to work. “The final straw was continuous deception,” Mindy said. “After finding out about Zach’s relationship with Lindsay, I was so hurt and Zach convinced me that things were going to be different … Just days later, I found out he was still lying to me, specifically to protect Lindsay.”

Did Lindsay ever admit to having feelings for Zach?

Recently, Mindy took to Reddit to have a Q&A session for her fans. Many of her fans were very curious about Zach and Lindsay’s relationship. One fan asked if Lindsay ever admitted to being inappropriate or having feelings for Zach. Mindy responded by saying: “Not to me directly. She did brag to others in our friend group about their connection, him planning to visit her, etc.”

Another fan asked Mindy if she knew when Lindsay first contacted Zach. Mindy wrote: “I’m pretty sure it was soon after the honeymoon, but I can’t be 100% certain. I think at first, she was just trying to be part of it all (maybe jealous of my closer friends that were bridesmaids) and she quickly developed feelings for Zach. I do think she was trying to push Zach away from me even further.” So, it seems that Mindy will not be getting the truth from either Zack or Lindsay anytime soon.

What did Mindy do with her wedding dress and her traitorous friend?


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Many fans were also curious if Mindy still talked to her friend of eight years. “Nope! Lindsay has apologized, but she has not been upfront about everything that went on,” Mindy wrote. “She’s reached out to me and a couple of friends in the group, but we haven’t gotten clarity and it seems like a lost cause. I don’t see a friendship with her in my future at all. I think she’s off social media right now.”

Lindsay wasn’t the only thing that Mindy wanted to get rid of. When it came to her wedding dress and wedding pictures, she said that she donated her dress and gave the wedding pictures to Zach. She also said that she no longer has her wedding ring because she lost it. It’s unclear if she wanted to keep her dress and ring, but had to give it up because the show wrapped. She did mention that “in other marriages, they do get to keep it.”