‘Married at First Sight’: How Pastor Dwight Met Chris and Why Their Friendship Fell Apart

While Chris is not a fan favorite on Married at First Sight, his former friend and spiritual adviser, Pastor Dwight, was praised as an upstanding guy. Dwight wasn’t afraid to call Chris out on his antics, which is apparently what contributed to the fallout of their friendship.

Paige Banks and Chris Williams of 'Married at First Sight'
Paige Banks and Chris Williams of ‘Married at First Sight’ | Photo by Courtesy of Lifetime Copyright 2021

Pastor Dwight on ‘Married at First Sight’

Viewers met Dwight when he served as the officiant at Chris and Paige’s wedding. Dwight was instantly impressed with Paige, despite Chris’ hesitation. Chris admitted he was not attracted to his new wife. Additionally, he discovered the day after their wedding that his ex-fiancé was pregnant.

Chris sought advice from Dwight on how to handle the news of the pregnancy. He quickly realized he wanted to end his marriage with Paige. Dwight didn’t agree, calling Chris selfish. 

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Dwight and Paige met for a sit down chat, without Chris. She confided in Dwight regarding the state of her marriage, even revealing Chris told her he wasn’t attracted to her despite them being intimate.

Dwight felt Chris was immature and trying to run from his issues. He also repeatedly said that Paige was the perfect match for Chris.

Pastor Dwight on how he met Chris

ESSENCE Magazine reports that Dwight and Chris became friends years before the show aired. Dwight says he met Chris through mutual friends and later became connected with Chris’ family on a spiritual level.

“I came to know Chris through a mutual friend and his mutual friend introduced me actually to his grandmother who’s a pastor,” he notes. “I actually had the privilege to preach for her many many years ago. “Great, phenomenal woman of God. Great family of preachers.”

At the time, Chris was also a Pastor. As he revealed on the show, he left the pulpit and got into business because preaching didn’t provide the financial lifestyle he was looking for. 

Pastor Dwight says Chris doesn’t like correction

Dwight made a surprise visit to the MAFS reunion, to the dismay of Chris. The two hadn’t spoken since Chris saw Dwight’s meeting with Paige play out on-screen. At the time of the reunion, Chris made it clear that he was not interested in making amends with Dwight.

As for why their friendship fell apart, Dwight says he felt the need to distance himself due to Chris’ resistance to take his guidance.

“My intentions in my relationships has always been to be a spiritual mentor to him, somebody to give him guidance,” Dwight began. “And, I think I pulled back from you [Chris] when I did not feel like you were receiving and so I just kind of kept it to myself. If someone doesn’t have time to see what I’m saying to them then I’m not going to waste time.”

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Furthermore, he states flatout that Chris doesn’t like correction.

Chris on the other hand believes Dwight’s interaction with Paige without him present was inappropriate. He believes he’s owed an apology. Paige welcomes Dwight’s guidance and seemingly continues using him as her spiritual adviser. 

Married at First Sight airs every Wednesday on Lifetime at 8 pm EST.