‘Married at First Sight’: Is Pastor Calvin Roberson Married?

Experts have come and gone on Married at First Sight. But one of the few who have stuck around is Pastor Calvin Roberson. He’s partially responsible for matching couples, then giving them advice. Roberson is married and his wife has counseled couples with him.

Pastor Calvin Roberson joined ‘Married at First Sight’ in season 4

Pastor Calvin Roberson on 'Married at First Sight'
Pastor Calvin Roberson on ‘Married at First Sight’ | Kinetic Content

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The show already ran three seasons before Roberson joined the experts. The experts have always had the tough job of matching couples.

“The experts are the final say. The bus stops with them,” Chris Coelenthe CEO of Kinetic Content, the production company of the show, told E! News. “The experts always have the final say and that is an extraordinary level of trust that the network gives to them. And we as producers give that to them as well.”

Roberson has experience being married since he has been married twice. He also counseled couples before the show with his wife.

He counseled couples with his wife, Wendy

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The pastor marred his wife, Wendy back in 2009. He did an interview with Joel Bazile to introduce himself and his wife.

“My wife and I have been doing marriage counseling now for about nine years. We have an organization called Married and Naked,” he said in 2016. He claimed they do pre-martial and martial counseling. They also help couples who are approaching divorce and after divorce.

Wendy acknowledged that this was their second marriage. She said they started Married and Naked because “a lot of couples who for one reason or another had inhibitions about saying that they had issues in their marriages. And so we started with a small group coaching a small group of couples and we saw so much success in that.”

He also is a pastor of a church in Atlanta making Wendy the first lady called Progression Church. The couple now runs Marriage Ain’t For Punks together.

He posts about his marriage online

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Roberson talks about the show online. But he also shares things about his marriage on social media.

He recently posted a picture with Wendy on Instagram and wrote in the caption, “The day is done and I still want to please #her [heart emoji] Understand, in a marriage, if you both give your all then you both get the best of each other. #simpletruth #marriageaintforpunks.”

He also sometimes shares tips from their counseling sessions. The pastor shared he and his wife notice red flags in them where couples have “tantrums.”

“Self awareness and self discipline are mandatory in our trek to emotional maturity,” read part of his Instagram caption. “Emotional maturity is required if we’re going to be in happy, fulfilling relationships.” It looks like the couple’s marriage and businesses are going strong.