‘Married at First Sight’: Is Woody Controlling?

When it comes to Woody and Amani, Married at First Sight fans are typically here for it. However, there are some fans that think Woody might be a little more controlling than he seems at first blush. Additionally, Woody has admitted to some anger issues in the past, leaving some fans wondering if there’s more to the man than meets the eye. Despite these concerns, it does look like the two are going strong — and they may well still be together.

Woody cops to some anger issues 

Woody and Amani on Married at First Sight
Woody and Amani on Married at First Sight | Mike Lirette Photography

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When Amani met Woody’s family, fans learned that Woody may have some anger issues he contends with. At least, according to the Married at First Sight star’s mother. 

“I’m his mama. I know, I’ve seen the devil coming out of him,” said Woody’s mother of his occasionally explosive anger. “He explodes like fire.”

“Honestly, hearing her say that in this moment, right now, I’m looking at my mom like, ‘What made you choose those choice of words?’ My mom is a really religious woman and I just don’t know what made her use those words exactly,” Woody told Jamie Otis

“Honestly, I used to be that way. I’m going to be honest, right. I used to be hot-headed, honestly, and it just comes from a lot of, like, past things in life — a lot of different frustrations,” he added.

However, the Married at First Sight star revealed that he has since been through counseling, and that he journals regularly to help him reflect on his feelings. Since then, Woody claims his anger has been in check. 

Some ‘Married at First Sight’ fans think he’s controlling 

Despite Woody’s admission and explanation that he works on his shortcomings, there are Married at First Sight fans that suspect he may be controlling when in a relationship. 

“It’s clear to me now that Woody’s full on approach of intense feelings, quick passion and love also comes with major control issues. We saw it first with the hair conversation and then tonight when he made a point of Amani ‘not being able to leave,’” opined one Redditor

“He’s setting up a trap of ‘love’ by going all out and being very expressive with his feelings but there are hints of a temper and sense of abusive control down the line…,” they added.

One Redditor agreed that he seems as if he could be controlling, but that Woody seems too self-aware to let that interfere in his relationship. 

“He’s definitely controlling but I think he can learn to not be. He doesn’t strike me as the his way or the highway type of person who refuses to compromise,” they wrote.

“Intense passion can also come with intense jealousy and control. Will be interesting to see how this plays out,” pointed out another user.

Are Woody and Amani still married?

Amani and Woody of Married at First Sight
Amani and Woody of Married at First Sight via Twitter

Whatever fans may think of Woody and his potential for controlling behavior, it seems as if the Married at First Sight couple is still going strong. 

Fans of the couple have noticed a hashtag on Amani’s Pinterest that suggests the couple is doing well and planning for the future. The hashtag #RandallWayHouse suggests that the two may be looking at getting new digs together — Woody mentioned the couple would use the hashtag during a scene on the show. 

The tag has since been deleted, but this could be due to Amani trying to keep her NDA safe and secure.