‘Married at First Sight’: Karen Admits She’s Worried About Miles’ Masculinity in Sneak Peek

Karen Landry and Miles Williams have often struggled in their relationship on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight Season 11 in New Orleans. While Karen – hurt by infidelity in a previous relationship – wanted to take things slowly, Miles appeared to be all-in from the beginning.

In TV Insider’s new sneak peek of the October 7 episode of Married at First Sight, Karen spoke to Dr. Pepper Schwartz via video chat about how her marriage to Miles was going under the stress of the COVID-19 crisis. She admitted that she was sometimes worried about Miles’ ability to be the “masculine figure” she needed.

Karen Landry
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Dr. Pepper warned Karen about thinking only of her own needs

Now that Lifetime production was on halt due to social distancing guidelines, the Married at First Sight couples were under increased pressure. Dr. Pepper asked Karen how her marriage to Miles was faring during the stress of quarantine.

“There’s definitely good parts, just with Miles being a good person,” Karen began, adding that he often did “small, sweet things” for her to show her he cared.

Still, Karen admitted that she sometimes worried that Miles was more concerned about being the “good guy” than about showing his raw truth to his wife.

“I always had this fear that he was so inclined to be the good guy and things like that that I’m like, ‘Are you really being the real you?’” Karen told the concerned Married at First Sight expert.

Dr. Pepper advised Karen that she should think more about her husband’s desires and needs, not just her owns.

“As I listen to your language, it’s all about your needs,” she warned Karen. “You’ve said some things in the past that would discourage openness.”

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Karen admitted she sometimes wondered if Miles could be as ‘masculine’ as she needed him to be

As an example of things Karen had told her husband that might discourage him from opening up, Dr. Pepper mentioned that Karen worried about Miles’ allegedly “feminine traits.”

“If I were a guy, that would freeze me up,” Dr. Pepper said.

Karen had sometimes worried that Miles was too emotional to serve as a protective, masculine figure in her life. She also sometimes worried that he talked about his feelings too often, even appearing annoyed by some of his chosen topics (like manicures), gestures, and mannerisms.

Miles’ wife explained that she was trying to “feel out” her husband, which was why she sometimes brought up touchy subjects like his gender presentation.

“First and foremost, I felt like I needed to be honest,” the Married at First Sight star said, admitting that she sometimes wondered, “Are you going to be that masculine figure for me? I don’t need you to be my girlfriend.”

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The ‘Married at First Sight’ star revealed Miles now had doubts of his own about the marriage

Karen asserted that she did want to work on her marriage to Miles and try to meet his needs as well. Still, she said, she brought up issues like her husband’s masculinity because she wanted him to fully understand her needs and where she was coming from.

The Married at First Sight star began to tear up as she admitted that some of her worst fears had recently come true about her marriage. Karen explained that she’d “begged” Miles not to “suppress his feelings,” in case his resentment against her began to build.

Now, she revealed emotionally to Dr. Pepper, she worried that was true. And Miles wasn’t even sure what he planned to do on the upcoming Decision Day.

“Last night, he said that he didn’t feel like I was trying in this relationship,” Karen confessed. “He even told me, ‘If Decision Day was today, I would choose not to be married, because I feel like you’re not putting in effort.’”