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There are dozens of couples who don’t make it by the end of Married at First Sight, but no marriage was shorter than Season 14’s Alyssa and Chris. Alyssa made it clear that she wasn’t attracted to Chris from the start, not even spending their wedding night together. She complained to producers that she felt cheated out of the experience, and refused to even interact with Chris. Following the honeymoon, Chris ended the relationship, noting it was his Decision Day

Alyssa from 'Married at First Sight' Season 14 during an appearance on Afterparty
Alyssa from ‘Married at First Sight ‘ | Lifetime via YouTube

Their co-stars Katina and Jasmina developed a close friendship with Alyssa and supported her throughout filming. But watching the show back, they had to confront Alyssa over how she treated Chris.

Katina and Jasmina say they were shocked to learn of how Alyssa treated Chris while watching the show back 

During filming, Katina and Alyssa say they only knew of Alyssa’s point of view. They say Alyssa complained that there was a lack of chemistry between the two and that Chris was nearly impossible to be with. But watching everything unfold on television, especially to the point where Alyssa didn’t realize she was being filmed and verbally berating Chris to producers, they were stunned.

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“We were shocked at all of it. So we see the comments all the time like, ‘Oh my God, how could they be friends with her?’ and stuff like that,” Jasmina said during an appearance alongside Katina on Are You My Podcast, with Katina agreeing. 

She continued: “We had no idea anything that was going on when filming was taking place and we didn’t meet Chris until it was time for the honeymoon. We’re all doing our own adventures, excursions, all of that. So we were never really around him, or around both of them besides that group dinner to really see the two of them in action. We were really only hearing her side of it. So when you see me at the table and I’m like, ‘Chris, just give her some space for her to come to you’ we’re not knowing that he’d been giving her space.”

They confronted Alyssa about her behavior and attitude toward Chris

Once they watched the show back, the ladies say they spoke with Alyssa about how she treated Chris. Luckily, her reaction was one of remorse and they were able to move forward in their friendship with her.

“Watching it back, we didn’t like things that we saw and we did check her on it as her friend. We did speak to her about stuff and she definitely realized what she could have done differently and where she went wrong and she was very apologetic about it,” Jasmina explained. “That’s the only thing I can really ask for is somebody that sees that they could’ve handled it differently. Because if it was something where she was like, ‘I don’t care, I was mad’ then we would probably be in a different space with her. But we were already deep in that friendship by the time it aired.”

Additionally, Jasmina also had a conversation with Chris to make amends for her misinformed judgments. “I swear I even texted Chris after some episodes and I was like ‘Chris, I’m so sorry…I had no idea things were like that or going on and I wish we knew more’ because we really didn’t get to speak to him that much,” she said.

Chris also didn’t know the extent of Alyssa’s behavior

During the MAFS reunion, Chris even expressed additional surprise by how Alyssa talked about him to producers. He told host Kevin Fraizer, “There’s a lot of stuff I didn’t see until it actually aired,” he said. “I would have been done a lot faster had I seen a lot of that stuff even sooner and I didn’t realize the extent to which she had said bad things. Had said insulting things…disgusting things.”