‘Married at First Sight’: Michael Watson Apologizes to Meka Jones on Instagram

Meka Jones and Michael Watson had a tumultuous marriage, to say the least, on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight Season 10 in Washington, D.C. The couple dealt with trust issues from the beginning, with Meka accusing Michael of acting completely different when the cameras were off. She also accused him of repeated lies and dishonesty about everything from his job and salary to his hobbies and family history.

Recently, Michael took to social media to apologize to Meka and take accountability for his actions toward her on Married at First Sight.

Meka Jones and Michael Watson had a difficult marriage from day one

Meka and Michael were never a match made in heaven on Married at First Sight. They even spent most of their honeymoon in separate hotel rooms after Michael allegedly threatened off-camera to “end the marriage” if he and Meka didn’t have honeymoon sex.

Eventually, Michael and Meka agreed to try to make things work, but Michael’s repeated dishonesty posed ongoing issues between the pair. Meka suspected Michael was lying about his new job as a school principal, especially when he revealed that he’d quit his new job and taken another. She also thought he was lying about his salary and overall finances.

Other strange things Meka claimed Michael lied about included a romantic trip to Jamaica – she said he just bought a Groupon, not a real vacation – and his status as a yoga teacher. Meka made it all the way to Michael’s yoga studio only to find out that the “Michael” there only cleaned the rooms part-time.

The ‘Married at First Sight’ couple was granted an annulment in 2020

Of course, Meka and Michael agreed to end their marriage on Decision Day. Michael quickly filed for an annulment from Meka on Jan. 21, 2020. After tying the knot on Aug. 5, 2019, the tumultuous Married at First Sight couple had already separated by Oct. 1 of the same year.

Michael and Meka annulled their marriage on Aug. 25, 2020. In an Instagram video, Meka claimed that Michael’s attorney had tried to argue he was “defrauded” and lied to by Lifetime producers. Meka pushed back against Michael’s claims every step of the way.

“The only thing that’s defrauding was because I was under the impression that this man was who he said he was,” Meka remembered telling the judge.

Of Michael, Meka said at the time, “Your Honor, he is convincing. He convinced the producers, he convinced my family, he convinced my friends, he convinced America.”

Ultimately, Meka agreed to annul the marriage simply in order to move on as quickly as possible. She said she was “thrilled” to be past it – even hosting a festive annulment party with her friends to celebrate her newfound independence and freedom.


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Michael Watson apologized to Meka Jones in an Instagram post

After a lengthy period of silence about Married at First Sight, Michael headed back to social media to publicly apologize to Meka at last. He owned up to being dishonest in their marriage and asked her to forgive him.

On Mar. 11, Michael began his lengthy apology, “Meka, let me first start off by saying this is long overdue. I have allowed my pride and ego to stand in the way of doing the right thing. I lied, shut down, and failed to communicate with you. As a black man, it was my job to ensure you were protected, and instead I hurt and embarrassed you. I am sorry.”

“You called me on my BS, and forced me to be accountable,” the Married at First Sight star continued. “You only wanted me to be honest with you, and at that time, I was not capable of doing so. You taught me so many lessons, and I thank you. Because of you (and others I have crossed on my journey), I am the man I am today. You are a beautiful woman that has so much to offer the world. I pray that you find your forever person! You deserve that and so much more.”

He concluded by wishing her the best, saying he respected her, and asking Married at First Sight fans not to post any negative comments about Meka.

Michael has since moved on to a relationship with Shannon-Christine Spencer, with whom he now shares the relationship-focused blog/vlog His + Hers.