‘Married at First Sight’: Michael Watson Says He Lied to Meka Jones Because He Didn’t Want to Stay Married

Meka Jones and Michael Watson’s union on Married at First Sight was a mess. Jones accused Watson of being a pathological liar and they eventually split. Watson denied ever lying during their marriage but is now coming clean in a new YouTube video about his deception.

Meka Jones and Michael Watson
Meka Jones and Michael Watson | Photo by Courtesy of Lifetime Copyright 2021

Meka Jones accused Michael Watson of being dishonest

Jones and Watson’s marriage appeared doomed from the start. MAFS fans watched the two argue week after week over issues with communication and lack of trust. Jones alleges Watson lied about everything from his salary to planning trips for her.

Per Jones, Watson’s behavior off-camera did not align with how he treated her on camera. She accused him of threatening to divorce her if they didn’t have sex on their honeymoon. The couple mutually agreed to end their marriage. 

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In an interview with Madame Noire, Jones explained their divorce proceedings were drawn out due to Watson’s request for an annulment. Watson claimed he’d been duped into the marriage believing Jones also lied about parts of her life. But Jones insists she’s the one who was frauded.

“The show put us together because they thought we would be good together because Michael lied about who he is,” she says. “He lied during our whole marriage. He lied about everything. So the only person that’s defrauded in this situation is me. Because I was under the impression that this man was the things that he said he was and he’s none of those things.”

An annulment was granted and Jones threw herself an annulment party in celebration.

Michael Watson admits to lying to Meka Jones during ‘MAFS’

Watson is ready to discuss the perception of him being a liar. This time around, he admits that he was not honest about much during his time on the show. Watson spoke about everything in a YouTube video with his new girlfriend.

“Truth be told, I just wasn’t very honest and I didn’t tell the truth about a number of different things…it just wasn’t a good look for me at all,” he said. “People were right to feel the way they felt.”

One of the things Jones accused him of lying about was his salary. Watson offered up an explanation saying, “I was kind of embarrassed because I negotiated my contract and it wasn’t as much money as I hoped so I did embellish the numbers a bit,” he said. “I lied, about the numbers. I felt this pressure to kind of like be a little bit more and do a little bit more. That led to me messing with the numbers and kind of presenting it to be more than it actually was.”

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Jones also discovered that Watson lied about being a Yoga instructor. He admitted that he didn’t work at the yoga studio and only did janitorial work. 

“One way you pay for your membership is that you help clean the studio. That’s just smart,” he said. “Why pay $200 a month if you can take a couple hours a week to clean it and then get your membership reduced or get your classes for free? That’s what I did. I wasn’t out here on some janitor ish. No disrespect to janitors, but that’s not what I was doing.”

Watson also admits to lying about a trip to Jamaica and explained that it was actually an assignment given by producers to gift his spouse something. He never intended to give Jones a gift so he made something up. 

In the end, Watson finally revealed the underlying reason for his lies: he didn’t want to stay married to Jones. 

“At a certain point, I didn’t care. I just didn’t,” he said. “If I’m being completely transparent, I checked out pretty early on in the process…it didn’t feel right.”

Watson says he’s learned from his experience and apologizes to Jones for his shortcomings.