‘Married at First Sight’: Miles Defends Karen on Instagram – ‘We Know What We Have’

Karen Landry and Miles Williams were often a controversial couple on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight season 11. Fans were particularly quick to criticize Karen for her comments about Miles’ masculinity, as well as her reluctance to be physically intimate with him in any capacity for quite some time.

Nevertheless, Karen and Miles decided to stay together on Decision Day. And on the October 29 Married at First Sight reunion special, hosted by Kevin Frazier, the couple seemed much more comfortable with each other and revealed that they were more physically and emotionally connected than ever.

Miles took to Instagram after the end of the season to defend his wife from some of the online criticism coming her way. The Married at First Sight star reflected on his journey and expressed gratitude for his now-solid marriage with Karen.

Karen Landry
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Karen sometimes attracted criticism for her behavior on the show

Karen and Miles often seemed to be at odds on Married at First Sight, especially in the areas of sex and physical intimacy.

Karen famously told her husband she felt “unsafe” after he jokingly wrote “sex with my wife” on their shared calendar – and even spent a night away from him at her own apartment. She also complained that Miles “wasn’t her type” when she spotted him on social media shortly before their wedding. What’s more, she considered not going through with the big day at all.

While the couple slowly began to grow closer, they still hadn’t had sex on Decision Day…four months after they initially tied the knot.

While both Miles and Karen said they wanted to continue to stay married, they seemed to do so with significant remaining doubts. Miles was concerned that Karen would never be able to meet his needs in terms of emotional intimacy, sex, or affection. Meanwhile, Karen admitted that they weren’t where she would have “wanted them to be” at this point in their marriage.

When the couple returned for the Married at First Sight reunion, they said they’d gotten more physically and emotionally intimate with each other after the cameras stopped rolling. But although Miles and Karen stayed together, many fans continued to criticize Karen for her behavior toward her husband – especially her comments about his masculinity and her reticence to be more affectionate with him.

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Miles praised his wife in a poignant Instagram post

Miles seemed to respond to Married at First Sight fans who criticized his wife in a recent Instagram post. In a sweet tribute to Karen, Miles hinted that he and his wife had a stronger marriage than many believed, with much of their relationship being built behind the scenes. The 26-year-old also seemed to imply that not all of the criticism against Karen was valid or justified.

He wrote in part: “Mrs. Landry-Williams, The world will never know all that we have been through, and I kinda like it better that way. We know what we have, and I am excited for the world to see the person I have gotten to know and care about since day one.”

The Married at First Sight star, who said he admired Karen’s “strength,” resilience, and relentless support of him on the season 11 reunion, continued his poignant ode to his wife by reflecting on their journey together.

“I am so proud of you,” Miles wrote. “This year has been a journey! We leaned on each other through a WILD experiment, a pandemic, and being silent while watching the world react to what they’ve seen. The hate has been unreal and through it all, you’ve found the strength, courage, and love to show up every day and build a strong foundation for our marriage.”

In a nod toward a promising future for their marriage, Miles concluded his caption: “You told me early you wanted to be somethin special. Let’s get started, Killa.”

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‘Married at First Sight’ fans offered words of support for the couple

While some Married at First Sight fans continued to criticize Karen for her “cold” on-screen demeanor in the comments, most viewers praised Miles for sticking with his wife through thick and thin.

Others were impressed that Miles was supporting Karen instead of throwing her under the bus or staying silent. In particular, they noted that that might have been all too easy for him to do, given the fact that public opinion was primarily in his favor.

“I love your patience and I love her willingness to let down her walls! You twoooo,” Married at First Sight alum Jamie Otis wrote under Miles’s kind post.

Several of Miles’ followers came to Karen’s defense, arguing that she “didn’t deserve the hate” and that it had gone too far.

“Don’t let the negative come between a beautiful thing you guys have going on!” one supporter wrote to Miles.

“You don’t understand how I was hoping Karen would come to her senses,” one Married at First Sight fan commented. “I am so happy for you guys. Stand firmly in love.”

Many other viewers echoed those sentiments, saying they were “rooting for them the entire time.” Others pointed out that Karen and Miles might have taken a little longer to develop their relationship, but that every love story happens in its own time and at its own pace.