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When it comes to Married at First Sight Season 10, Mindy Shiben is something of a fan favorite. The reality star was originally set up with Zach Justice by the show’s relationship experts, but things did not work out. Far from it, in fact. Justice was discovered hitting up Shiben’s friend, Lindsay, during his marriage to Shiben. Eventually, Justice and Shiben called it quits, with many fans feeling as if Justice had been manipulative and shady during their marriage. During an AMA on Reddit, Mindy Shiben dished on Lindsay, Zach, and whether or not she regrets the show. 

Fans support Mindy Shiben after the Zach Justice debacle

While things may not have worked out between Mindy Shiben and Zach Justice, Shiben has won herself the adoration of many Married at First Sight fans as a result of how she handled the relationship. 

During her AMA, many Redditors commented just to praise the reality star. One such user wrote, “I HAVE TO SAY MINDY, YOU ARE AMAZING. You are incredibly beautiful inside & out. Also, your perseverence throughout MAFS says so much about your strong character- though he didn’t deserve it from you, it speaks volumes about how kind and graceful you are. I hope to be more like you.”

“Mindy!!! You are such a graceful, kind, classic woman. I have no question, just wish you the very best!” added another fan of Shiben’s.

One supportive user asked Shiben why she stuck around with Zach for so long. They wrote, “I was rooting for you all season. Why did you want to give Zach so many chances when it was clear he wasn’t in it?”

“Watching it back, it was clear he wasn’t in it, but it was hard for me to accept at the time. I felt like this was the opportunity of a lifetime and I guess I just didn’t want to fail,” Shiben replied.

Mindy Shiben dishes on Lindsay

Mindy Shiben married Zach Justice on Married at First Sight
Mindy Shiben of Married at First Sight | mafslifetime via Instagram

During her marriage to Zach Justice, the Married at First Sight star discovered he and her friend, Lindsay, had been texting. The two talked about Shiben and Justice’s relationship behind Shiben’s back, and eventually, this led to Justice and Shiben calling it off. 

One fan wanted to know if Lindsay ever came clean to Shiben about how she felt about Justice. They asked, “Hi Mindy! Did Lindsay ever admit to developing feelings for Zach? Or cop to inappropriate talk?”

Shiben replied, “Not to me directly. She did brag to others in our friend group about their connection, him planning to visit her, etc.”

After Season 10 was finished filming, Justice was seen going out for drinks with Katie, another cast member. Some fans were wondering if Shiben was upset by that. 

“Are you still friends with Katie, now knowing she and Zach went on a date after filming?” asked one Redditor. 

“I am still friends with Katie. I was definitely not happy about it, but Katie and I dealt with it and we both decided to move forward,” Shiben explained.

Was ‘Married at First Sight’ worth it?


‘Married at First Sight’: Mindy Shiben Details How the Show Films and Vets Cast Members

While it is clear that Married at First Sight was a challenging experience in many ways for Mindy Shiben, it seems she doesn’t regret appearing on the show. 

When a fan asked Shiben how she felt about the experience, she explained, “Overall, I think it was worth it. I didn’t get the marriage I wanted, but I learned so much and met amazing people. I wouldn’t take it back. And TY!”