‘Married at First Sight’: Mindy Shiben Reveals How She’s Moving Forward From Past Breakups

Mindy Shiben went through the ringer on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight Season 10 in Washington, D.C.

The figure skating instructor and coach, who now lives in Mexico, was paired with personal trainer Zach Justice. Mindy and Zach called off their marriage before Decision Day. Mindy became a Married at First Sight fan favorite, and fans cheered her on when she moved on to date hospitality expert Wil Slickers. But that relationship ended rather painfully, too.

Mindy recently took to social media to share a book that was helping her process her tumultuous dating history. Married at First Sight fans chimed in to offer Mindy their support and encouragement after her reflective post.

Mindy Shiben and Zach Justice were a disastrous match on ‘Married at First Sight’

Zach and Mindy’s marriage never really made it off the ground on Married at First Sight. As early as their honeymoon, Zach told Mindy he wasn’t physically attracted to her. After the honeymoon was over, Zach refused to move in with his wife and rarely came over to see her.

What’s more, Zach carried on a questionable relationship with Mindy’s friend, Lindsay, who had even attended their wedding. When Mindy found out her husband didn’t even tell her he was regularly talking to her friend behind her back, she ended the relationship before Decision Day.

After Married at First Sight Season 10 wrapped, Mindy moved on to start a relationship with Slickers, whom she met online. She even headed to Mexico for a romantic getaway with her new man. But she called him out online soon afterward for allegedly breaking up with her via text.

Mindy shared a book that helped her get through her breakups on Instagram

Mindy earned the support of many Married at First Sight fans after she broke up with Zach on the show. She reflected on her complicated dating history in a Feb. 24 Instagram post, promoting Daniel Chidiac’s novel The Modern Break-Up.

“I just finished @themodernbreakupbook by Daniel Chidiac and WOW- I literally feel renewed and inspired all over again,” Mindy wrote on Instagram. “If you are stuck in a cycle of dating people that you know don’t deserve you, but somehow still end up getting your time, energy, and affection, this book will be a MAJOR game changer.”

She went on to write, “I often get bored reading more traditional ‘self-help’ books, but the author is brilliant and ties such important lessons into a very relatable story. The main character, Amelia, is basically me lol… And I think a lot of others will feel the same way so I felt compelled to share.”

While the Married at First Sight star didn’t specifically mention Zach or her most recent ex-boyfriend in the post, she was likely referring at least in part to the heartbreak she went through in each of those relationships.


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‘Married at First Sight’ fans jumped in to support Mindy Shiben

Many Married at First Sight fans commented on social media in support of Mindy, urging her to give up on relationships that didn’t serve her in the future.

“The game of chase is not worth playing,” one supporter wrote. “If it’s not mutual…next.”

Several other viewers assured Mindy that she would find love in the future.

“I just finished your season and you are such a beautiful, gracious, talented, patient soul and I truly know you will find someone worthy of all the greatness you bring to the world!” one Instagram user wrote.

Another fan, appearing to reference Zach, commented: “Every time I see how beautiful you are, I thank God you got away from that jerk!”

Yet another fan questioned Mindy about whether or not she and Slickers were officially over. Mindy explained in response that she was indeed “living her best life as a single gal for now.”